Discord And The Dangers Of Mob Mentality: Hundreds Of People Duped By Lie That TB Exploited Battered Woman, Docket Shows We Paid For Her Attorney


I had a lot of things that needed to be said in order to clear the air on last night’s episode of the Live show, before moving on from this topic forever.


I know this is not why anyone comes to Turtleboy, but I keep getting messages and comments during live shows accusing me of stealing from a battered woman. And just like with the “wHy dId yOu LeAvE tEaChInG” nonsense, I need to address this because without trust and credibility, Turtleboy is nothing.

I want nothing more than to just move one and give you guys the content you deserve. The latest couple of days on Turtleboy have been great, and it looked like we were back to business. On her show the other day Bristol said she was moving on and doing her thing which I was happy to hear as well.

But the problem is that as soon as the show was over she runs right back to the Discord group she runs, which has a lot of turtle riders in it, and pours gasoline on the fire. Then these people come at me, demand to know where I went on vacation, and accuse me of stealing from a victim of domestic violence. This is why they’re doing it (Guttermuppet is Bristol):

And this is the effect it has.

These were all “fans” of Turtleboy for years, long before Bristol was around. All it took for them to immediately assume the worst of someone they trusted was a baseless lie from a de facto cult leader.

This is not a healthy form of discourse. Saying that you’re moving on on your show, and then going back to plant seeds of discontent on another medium that you’re actively inviting people to join, isn’t moving on. As much as I’d like to ignore this turtle riders were coming on the live show demanding to know if I stole money for Sam. It’s a huge distraction, and it’s all based on a lie. Although the worst part to me is when their leader ordered one of them to contact a victim of domestic violence to drag her into this pissing match.

It’s one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen. If you really care about people who have suffered at the hands of a monster like Rian Waters, you don’t open up all wounds in order to win a pissing match. Especially when it’s not true.

I moved on because the blogs must continue, but she just kept persisting, even posting my phone number which led to some calls from restricted numbers.

And then all day yesterday it was just more and more of the instigating, designed to round up the troops who had moved on themselves, and reignite their anger toward Turtleboy.

This was yesterday. I haven’t said a word about this in days.

But since she brought it up, yesterday I found out some information that needed to be stated, because as it turns out I did pay for her attorney and I didn’t even realize it. On January 9, 2019, I went to court in Springfield with my attorney, Kate, and some turtle riders. I paid $300.

However, I did not have anything on the docket that day for my lawsuit. Here’s the timeline.

Samantha and I were both served with lawsuits by Rian Waters in the summer of 2018. We both ignored them because it seemed like it couldn’t be real. But it was, and the judge issued a default judgment against both Sam and I.

At that point I retained counsel, but Sam did not. This isn’t her fault at all, as she had very little support and didn’t know what to do. So on the day I retained counsel (Setpember 26, 2018) I reached out to her and we had a long talk that went on for months. I’m not going to share a private conversation because I’m not a trashy person who exploits victims, but let’s just say that I made it clear to her that I would be in court to support her on January 9, and I’d bring people with me.

My lawyer motioned to remove the judgement against me and it was successful after a November 20, 2018 hearing.

But Sam didn’t have a lawyer and didn’t know what to do, so she did not. Rian then filed a motion on December 6, 2018 to have a hearing for damages (how much Samantha owed him). This hearing date was scheduled for January 9, 2019.

At this point I had 3 options:

  1. Do nothing because her default had nothing to do with me.
  2. File an “assent” to Rian’s motion for damages against Samantha, which would mean we agreed that the court should proceed with damages against her.
  3. Oppose the motion, since we were still a party to the lawsuit, which requires a lawyer to attend the hearing and make oral arguments.

I chose number 3, and I paid my lawyer $300 (above) to go there. Had he not done so Samantha wouldn’t know what to say to get the default removed against her. Had a bunch of people not shown up to support her (myself included) I doubt Rian would’ve dropped his lawsuit against her, which he did by removing his ridiculous motion for non-existent damages.

As for the claim that Kate “helped her get a lawyer,” out of the “goodness of my own heart,” she lied about that too.

The “emails” just show my lawyer offering to do a free consult, which he offers to everyone.

The January 9 court appearance wasn’t free for me. And I was happy to use your donations to pay him to have Samantha’s back.

I even included the motion in a January 6 blog, showing that the January 9 date was only for Samantha.

To be clear, I never, ever suggested any money raised was going to Sam. I stated as such in the January 6 blog, three days before the hearing:

Couldn’t possibly be more clear – all money was raised for the TB legal defense fund. But people chose to believe lies and came at me for it. When you do that, I’m gonna bring receipts. It’s just what I do.

But some are saying that they thought it was implied that money would go to Sam. This is ridiculous and baseless of course, and comes from people who do not want to admit that they’ve been duped by Kate Peter. When I shared the blog on January 4 on Facebook, urging people to donate, there was actually one guy who was mad that we were collecting for the legal defense fund and NOT for Sam. Which of course proves that it was clear that I never suggested money was going to her.

People argued with him about it, and explained why the legal defense fund needed money.

You’ve all been lied to.

I do this job because I love to help victims get justice. Part of that requires shaming and exposing the people who are victimizing them. Landon Steele, Lorrayna Calle, and Kylie Kirkpatrick were all actively hurting innocent people. People who had no voice, and it had been going on for years. It was my pleasure to expose what they were doing, and consequently Landon’s girlfriend dumped him and avoided becoming his next victim, Lorrayna is in jail instead of threatening to murder a child, and Kylie is under investigation for fraud. If you consider this sort of thing to be a valuable public resource that you’d like to see continue, the you are free to donate. It’s no different from PBS (except you have to pay for PBS if you pay taxes) or a political campaign. If you can’t afford to do it, or you just don’t want to, that’s cool too. I don’t care. I’ve sacrificed everything to be here right now, and I’m not going to stand for being smeared.

The bottom line is that I urge people to avoid blindly believing everything they say on the Internet. Think for yourselves. Research. Question people who make up lies. Avoid Internet groups where people are afraid to speak freely. Not a single person in that group spoke up. Not one. Because they’re all afraid of being kicked out and want the approval of the leader. This is not a healthy way for anyone to live.


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