Disgraced Former State Rep John Fresolo Won’t Stop Sexually Harassing Strange Women On Facebook


This is disgraced former State Rep John Fresolo from Worcester.

In 1996 he was arrested for assaulting his wife. The charges ended up getting dropped, as they most often do in cases of domestic violence. He was confronted about this a few years back during a standout at around the 1:10 mark.

In 2006, the state Department of Social Services supported allegations that he struck his then-13-year-old daughter.

Later in 2006 he found himself locked inside St. John’s Cemetery after closing, and had to break his way out, then refused to say whose grave he was visiting because he couldn’t name anyone and wasn’t there to visit a gravestone after hours. He totally wasn’t there to get a blowjob though.

In 2013 while still a State Rep he sent dick pics to female aide and then tried saying that someone sent the picture to him.

“He said it was one photo, and said it was a photo “someone sent me” that ended up on the computer. It was there for months, and he knew nothing of it, he said. It was all rumors, he said; it was people coming back to smear his reputation and good name.”

Ya got that? Someone sent him  a dick pic of his own dick pic. Then that dick pic, which was sent from his taxpayer funded cell phone and received by a female aide who had no desire to see it, ended up on his computer. It was there for months and he knew nothing about it.

This might be my favorite dindu nuffin story of all time.

Dick Pic Johnny Fro was finally forced to resign after a state ethics probe into his per diem expenses. He was filing for reimbursement from the taxpayers for driving into work 218 times in one year, even though he admitted he was carpooling, and no one saw him at the State House:

“And, according to recently released records, Flash Fresolo put in for 218 days (just as michelemcphee.com reported) of reimbursement for his drive to the State House in per diem costs. Taxpayers gave him $8,676 to allegedly drive to the State House. Funny thing is, no one can remember seeing him in a while.”

After that he opened up a bar on Water Street called Rocky’s that briefly advertised on TB. I met him once and could tell he was a psychopath who had no idea how to run a business. Of course business was slow until he became the infamous underage bar for Worcester State coeds.

Last September, Rocky’s had only been open for three months when the License Commission shut it down for two days for serving alcohol to minors. In the police report, a cop interviewed an underage drinker who said “that the student body of Worcester State College knew that Rocky’s was the place to go and get alcohol on a Thursday night.” The report also noted that, after Fresolo was informed that an underage girl was drinking at the bar, “Mr. Fresolo stated that it had nothing to do with him because he never served her.” The officer then “stated that he as the owner of the licensed premises was responsible for any illegal drinking on the property or patio.”

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They ended up getting shut down shortly after a 19 year old named Alexis Aslanian we blogged about got into a fight outside the bar, after serving herself drinks behind the bar.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 10.28.25 AM

Also, his daughter who also worked at the bar was convicted for her role in an armed pot robbery.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 11.04.51 AM

For the last couple of years Dick Pic Johnny Fro has been up to his old tricks. He’s a boomer on social media and clearly lacks self awareness, and he’s under the impression that hot women in their 30’s still lust for him sexually. He’s been reaching out relentlessly to some turtle riders who shared the messages he’s been sending them.

That’s all to the same woman who never once responded to him. Naturally he took this as a sign that she wanted him to continue to sexually harass her and go out for coffee with him. He also realized that what she really wanted was a bathroom selfie.


When that didn’t get her to jump his bone he sent her a more refined LinkedIn profile picture, assuming the backwards hat bathroom selfies made him look too young. What women really want is an aging greased up Italian in his 50’s wearing a suit jacket with no tie.

Soon after that John published a book on Amazon called The John Fresolo Saga, which explained the REAL reason he resigned as State Rep.

So basically he paid this guy to write a book blaming the girl who received the John Fresolor dick pics.

He even had a book signing, which nobody went to at the Legion Post.

It doesn’t look like the book sold very well, since there’s just a couple reviews on Amazon. But he tried like hell to get the woman who never responded to him to fan girl him at the Legion Post book signing.

This was all 2019. Then yesterday another turtle rider who happens to be an attractive woman in her 30’s reached out to me to let me know that Fresolo was up to his old tricks.

Guys, if the woman ignores you like this she’s just not interested in having sex with you. No matter how many times you sporadically tell her she’s beautiful, it’s just not in the cards. I don’t know what goes through the heads of people like this, but somehow they convince themselves that the woman must’ve missed the last 20 “you are beautiful” messages, so might as well send one more.

I informed this turtle rider of his past and she began to mess with him.

He has great taste. The best taste. It was all downhill for Dick Pic Johnny Fro from there.

I have a feeling that these aren’t the only women he’s been doing this to. If you’ve been sexually harassed by John Fresolo and want to share screenshots feel free to message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected]


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