Disgraced Maynard Middle School Principal Falsely Tells Kids During Morning Announcements That Black People Are Killed By Cops Due To Institutional Racism


This is Dan Costello, the principal of Fowler Middle School in Maynard, and a BLM activist.

In 2009 Costello left his position as Principal of Killingly High School abruptly after being put on personal leave for undisclosed reasons. Prior to that he served in public edcuation as principal of Gardner and Shrewsbury Middle Schools, where he bragged about instituting “cultural diversity programming” in a town that is almost entirely white and Asian.

Leaving Gardner for Shrewsbury makes sense because it’s moving to a higher achieving, affluent, and centrally located district. Moving from Shrewsbury to Killingly, CT makes no sense at all because you’re crossing state lanes and going to the absolute hellhole of poverty stricken Killingly, while leaving behind the very nice, well off town of Shrewsbury.

After leaving Killingly under suspicious circumstances he left public education for almost a decade, and settled in as a consultant for Scholastic, which sells textbooks to school districts.

From there he moved on to become the marketing manager for Amplify Education, a company that gets paid a lot of money by school districts to come up with curriculums.

He left there to work for Better Lesson, another private company that gets money from public schools so they can “teach” teachers how to teach, even though most of their employees have never taught before.

Finally he settled in as the Search Manager for The Renaissance Network, another company that works to “assist businesses when they navigate the intricacies of the Education market.”

In other words, he couldn’t hack it working in public schools, so he decided to make more money selling ineffective and unproven educational techniques to public schools.

In 2017 he made his return to public schools when he briefly got a job as Principal of West Broadway Middle School in Providence, but left there abruptly after not even completing a full calendar year in order to take the job he now holds at Fowler Middle in Maynard.

Principal Costello isn’t like other principals though – he’s a cool principal. And every morning he does morning announcements online. Today he started off by virtue signaling about how great it was to have an entirely black NFL reffing crew, because apparently this is progress. But it’s what he said after that about police at the 1:45 mark that showed his true colors.

“It was 6 years ago today that Tamir Rice was killed by police playing in a park in Ohio, and we gotta keep that memory alive. Tamir and many others killed without good reason, and mostly responsible is institutional racism.”

Tamir Rice was accidentally killed by Cleveland Police officers when they were called to a park over a call of someone with a gun. The 12 year old was brandishing a pellet gun that was indistinguishable from a real gun, pulled it out when police arrived, and was accidentally shot and killed. Police had no idea he was 12, as he was 5’7″ and big for his age. Due to these facts a grand jury chose not to indict the officer who fatally shot him.

The shooting of Tamir Rice wasn’t “institutional racism,” it was a tragic accident. The BLM lie that black people are being hunted by racist cops due to “institutional racism” is a dangerous one because it turns the community against police, tells black kids they are destined to become victims, and leads to widespread rioting and looting on the very, very rare occasion in which unarmed black men are unjustifiably killed by cops without cause.

Regardless, “institutional racism” is a theory, not a fact, just like white privilege. It’s the principal’s opinion that it exists, but he’s teaching it as if it were a fact, which is irresponsible and dangerous. And if “institutional racism” were real, then democrats would be the cause of it, considering that they control the institutions (DA’s and mayors) that oversee pretty much every American city where “institutional racism” is allegedly a problem.

Also of note is that sources have reported that Principal Costello was accused recently of sexual harassment, which was allegedly swept under the rug after a new superintendent was hired. Perhaps it was the white privilege he allows himself to benefit from that saved him from becoming Bill Cosby.

This video has caused issues in town and some parents emailed the principal to complain. He sent this in response.

“We are committed to being anti-racist.”

1. There’s nothing “anti-racist” about making up a lie that Tamir Rice was killed because of racism.

2. “Anti-racism” has been criticized from both the right and left as just another form of white supremacy that infantilizes black people by telling them they are incapable of achieving anything on their own. It’s a meaningless buzzword that became popular this summer thanks to wealthy race hustlers like Robin Diangelo and Ibram Kendi, who profited millions of dollars off the death of George Floyd.

At the end of the day what we have here is a hack principal who’s held 5 administrative jobs over the last 15 years, left them all under suspicious circumstances, has been accused of sexual harassment, made a lot of money in the private sector because he disgraced himself in Killingly, and is now using his position in Manyard to brainwash kids with lies to think the cops are racist.


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