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Do You Recognize These Two Men Who Vandalized A North Reading Veteran’s House 3 Times Because He Has Trump Signs? 


Let’s help identify these two winners who are repeatedly vandalizing a veteran’s house in North Reading because they disagree with his politics.

Fox 25 NewsPolice are asking for the public’s help in identifying a group who went on a tear in North Reading removing pro-Donald Trump posters from a home’s front porch.” They wanted to get in and out as quick as possible if you time it is about 16 seconds,” said homeowner Robert Gallo. These well-planned acts of vandalism are a clear sign of the times. 

“No one wants to meet in the middle if you’re for Trump at all, you’re the enemy and it goes both ways,” Gallo said. Gallo says this is the third time vandals struck his pro-Trump signage. In April they spray-painted them and in June they ripped them up. But each time they come back, he says they’ll have an even bigger target just to annoy them.

“I do have to admit that’s the goal,” Gallo said after ordering three more signs. “Now I have a Trump and Melania stand up which will be a little extra each time just to let them know I’m not gonna take the signs down.”

Despite trying to cause harm, these vandals are only galvanizing local supporters who have already donated hundreds of dollars to Gallo to replace anything damaged.

Do your thing turtle riders – someone must recognize these sewer guppies.

That is exactly what I would imagine two men who don’t like Donald Trump that much would look like. No hope, no future, no chicks. Looking for someone to blame their own personal failures on. Obviously they contribute nothing to society, unlike the homeowner who pays property taxes and served his country. This is basically what is at stake in November – lawlessness vs. law and order. I know what side I’m on.

Anyway, hit me up at Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook, or email [email protected] if you know who they are. If they have social media please remember to screenshot everything because they will most likely be deactivating now that the heat is on.


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