Domestic Abuser Rian Waters Gets Destroyed By Victim And Turtleboy In Deposition After Asking Question About Child He Abandoned


Yesterday I had to attend the deposition of Samantha Cardin in Rian Waters now 4 year old lawsuit against me. Rian was blogged about in 2016 after he was arrested for beating her up and killing her dog in front of the 2 year old child he abandoned and has not paid a dime in child support for. Rian intimidated her from testifying against him by threatening to file false reports with DCF and contact the DEA to make sure she lost custody of her daughter, so the charges were eventually dropped. He then sued her and I in order to be close to her in court and give himself a reason to continue to contact her.

He ended up dropping the it against her and I won the lawsuit in 2019, but he appealed it and the SJC overturned one of the 4 counts. In my book I stated that Sam alleged that he sent drugs in the mail from California to her apartment in Palmer. According to the SJC it could still be considered defamation even if you said “alleged” and quoted someone else. This doesn’t mean I defamed him, it just means that if it’s not true it could be defamation. But it’s all true and easy to prove.

So I basically have to get it dismissed again, which unfortunately required an affidavit from Sam confirming that she did in fact tell Kate Peter that when Kate wrote this blog in 2019. It sucks because both her and I would rather just move on with our lives, but Rian won’t allow that. (Both Rian and Big Black Jeffrey are currently being assisted by Crissy Yakimowsky, who sent him private messages that they wrongly assumed would assist them in court.) Rian is claiming that Sam is lying and perjured herself in the affidavit, but doesn’t blame her because he says that I threatened her into signing it. He’s now attempting to charge me with witness intimidation because he thinks the woman he abused years ago is going to be his witness in his trial against me.

Yesterday Sam had to take the day off from work, and I had to take time away from running my business, in order to sit in on this ridiculous deposition. Keep in mind, these can cost thousands of dollars and Rian claims to be unemployed and indignant. He basically lives in Springfield courthouse where he wears the same Maurice the Pantsman brand shirt every day, and spends hours doing “legal research” that ends up going nowhere. He looks sickly and clearly isn’t eating much because he’d rather spend his limited money doing this instead of getting a job and buying food.

But yesterday’s deposition was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever witnessed, and we’ll be watching parts of it on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM. (Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.) He spent half an hour asking Sam irrelevant questions about their relationship years ago, then made her relive the trauma he put her through by asking questions about her special needs child that she raises without any help from him. She ended the deposition after he did that, and it’s an absolute joke that the courts are allowing this to happen.

Remember – the people who spend all day trolling me are actively assisting this woman beating, dog killing abuser.




If you know any attorneys who can help Sam who specialize in domestic violence, please reach out to me at [email protected]. She’s a working mother who has been stalked and harassed by this lunatic through the courts for the last 4-5 years and she’s had enough.





Remember how Rian was attempting to sue Sam for “malicious prosecution”? Well, not only did she not prosecute him, as she is clearly not a District Attorney, she – as many domestic violence victims do – attempted to protect him from the consequences of his own shitty actions when the police showed up. It was the veterinarian who called the police. But of course Rian only goes after those who are vulnerable, so the wrath fell down on his victim instead. What a piece of shit.

Rian lied? You don’t say. It’s not shocking, but there it is, in black and white – there was no metal filing cabinet like he claimed both in his Facebook post, and in the lawsuit against Turtleboy. After his “the 10 month puppy had back problems” lie fell flat immediately upon exiting his cavity and decay filled suck muscle. So he moved on to the next line of bullshit his grimy little brain could produce. That’s not what the evidence suggests, though. This man is truly a monster, and I use the word “man” loosely here. He is an unconscionable, cowardly worm.



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