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Dorchester Food Pantry Non-Profit Expels Quincy Catering Company That Donated Food And Volunteers, Accuses Them Of Racism And “White Saviourism” 


The Dorchester Community Fridge was created last fall as a way for people to drop off food, and for needy people to pick it up.

Their official communications manager Michael Murphy explained their goal to BNN News (whatever that is).

It’s a really thoughtful idea that lets the community help the community, and often local businesses will donate food, money, or volunteers. One of those businesses is Catering by Terrie in Quincy. They’ve helped immensely, raising lots of money to purchase food and staffing volunteers at the DCF (Dorchester Community Fridge, not the snatch your kid organization), often in freezing conditions. They also donate to the Mattapan Community Fridge, as well as to area hospitals for healthcare workers.

As you can see from the BLM stuff everywhere, Michael Murphy is a social justice warrior who wants to prove that he’s one of the good “white allies.” Any normal human being would commend Catering by Terrie for their generosity, but Michael Murphy doesn’t really care about feeding poor people or anything like that. He cares about being woke. And for a white guy like him to establish peak wokeness it requires putting other white people down for not being sufficiently woke. For this reason he posted a letter on the DCF Instagram page explaining why he was not only cutting ties with Catering by Terrie, but getting the Mattapan Community Fridge to do the same.

To review:

  • Catering by Terrie gave them a bunch of food that you see in the pictures, including eggs, milk, meats, fruits, vegetables, and other essentials.
  • This wasn’t good enough for the DCF because only they got to request the foods that would be given out to starving people, and he doesn’t believe poor people in Dorchester want eggs, bread, or milk. This is in direct contradiction to what Murphy said during an interview with Yahoo:

“We want to make sure the essentials are there like bread, milk and eggs,” Murphy said.

He wants bread, milk, and eggs, he just wants to get the credit for giving it out.

  • Catering by Terrie insisted on a one bag policy, most likely because ratchets would try to take 10 bags, and it’s important that you don’t let your generosity get taken advantage of.
  • Catering by Terrie left DCF and helped MCF instead because they weren’t being ungrateful, but Terrie refused to sit down for a summit with DCF and MCF, because they don’t owe DCF anything.
  • Michael Murphy didn’t like the “tone and verbiage used by Terrie at food drives,” because if your primary concern is feeding hungry people then you should definitely focus on the “tone and verbiage” of the people donating their time and money to feed the hungry.
  • Michael Murphy didn’t appreciate that Catering by Terrie invited a news team to the DCF, because publicity for his charity is a bad thing. In reality he couldn’t stand that he wasn’t the center of attention
  • He was upset that they the news team took pictures of “black and brown” people without their permission, even though he does that all the time on the DCF Instagram page, and even thanked and tagged Catering by Terrie in the posts

  • He was upset that Terrie “centered herself,” even though he frequently centers himself. Only he can be the only white savior for black and brown people in Dorchester.

  • He’s upset because Terrie “used both fridges (MCF and DCF) to elicit donations” and then didn’t give the money directly to Michael Murphy. That’s because Terrie runs a food business, so she can probably get food for significantly cheaper from distributors than Michael Murphy can, and thus can feed twice as many people for the same cost. But this would mean he’s no longer the white savior, and he resents Terrie for that.

This part said it all:

“A Facebook group was created and used primarily by people from outside of Dorchester to coordinate food drives and donations. Several posts contained racist language and ideologies that were in clear contradiction to our ethos, including saviourism and reporting frequent visitors of the fridge to the police.”

The racist thing that charitable did in a Facebook group was practice “white saviourism?” That’s racist now too? Bruh, you invented white saviourism. You’re just mad that someone else is better at it than you. And if your primary goal is to feed the hungry then who cares who gets the credit? Who cares if people from the burbs are the ones donating?

If the primary goal of the Dorchester Community Fridge is to feed the hungry then they wouldn’t care who gets the credit, and they wouldn’t accuse well intentioned people of being racist in a Facebook group in order to fabricate a reason to disassociate with them. But Michael Murphy’s goal isn’t to feed the hungry, it’s to make himself the hero and police speech in Facebook groups. So of course he threw this one in there too, just to smear Catering by Terrie:

“racism and xenophobia will not be tolerated”

Translation – Catering by Terrie is racist and xenophpobic, and we won’t tolerate their generosity anymore.

People like Michael Murphy throw around words and accusations like that because it’s effective. They know that white guilt liberals are more concerned with making sure they are sufficiently woke than they are actually helping people in need. Catering by Terrie is the opposite, and I’m sure they’re far from racist. But as you can see from these Milton women discussing the DCF letter, it works.

There’s nothing more pathetic than a white person who feels the need to announce to the world that they’re going to stop talking and start listening to people of color, and demand others do the same in order to repair the harm that white people like them have caused. But to be clear, leadership of the organization she’s referring to (the DCF) is white. A white person is saying we need to shut up and listen to a white person who is denying black and brown people food because he’s not getting the credit for it. Because, wokeness.

Actually there is something more pathetic than that – a white person who feels the need to announce to the world that other white people who get defensive when they’re falsely smeared as racist need to “check their white fragility.”

She read it in Robin Diangelo’s book, after Diangelo directly profited more than anyone off the death of George Floyd. No one checks white privilege quite like Laura Fitton from Milton.


The bottom line is that these people revealed themselves to be the frauds we all knew they were. A local business was volunteering in subzero temperatures to give the DCF thousands of dollars worth of free food to give to the hungry. Now they aren’t because Michael Murphy had an ego trip, and more people in the community will go hungry thanks to him. These people don’t care about poor people, they only care about elevating themselves.


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