Dorchester Girl Accidentally Shot By Dad And DYS Employee Uncle Who Were Trying To Kill Someone Else At A Public Park


WHDHThe child injured in a Fourth of July shooting in Boston was shot by her father and uncle, according to court documents released Monday. A judge in Roxbury District Court set bail at $30,000 for Ian King, 28, and Nathas Jacquecine, 31, both of Dorchester, following their arrests Friday at two different locations in Mattapan on charges including assault to murder, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, and unlawful possession of a firearm. Officers responding to the intersection of Folson and Dudley streets on July 4 around 11 p.m. found a man and a child suffering from apparent gunshot wounds in a crowd of about 50 people who had gathered to celebrate the holiday, prosecutors said.

The 35-year-old man, who prosecutors say was the intended target, was taken to a local hospital, where he remains after suffering life-threatening injuries. The young girl got stuck in the crossfire and was hit in the foot, prosecutors said. She was treated and released from the hospital. Investigators used surveillance cameras to track down the two suspects but their attorneys claim it is not King and Jacquecine in the video. However, the child’s mother allegedly identified Jacquecine and King, according to court documents, and said they were her daughter’s father and brother.

“Oh my god, you’re kidding me,” the mother allegedly told police.

King is an employee at the Department of Youth Services, and has been suspended and placed on unpaid administrative leave, a DYS spokesperson said. King and Jacquecine are scheduled to appear in court again on Aug. 15.

Welcome to Rachael Rollins New Dorchester. Where people like Ian King get jobs working for DYS despite posting stuff like this on Facebook.

I guess the people who do the hiring at DYS don’t have access to Facebook. So long as you can put on a shirt and tie, get your chinstrapped touched up, and lecture 15 year olds about not turning you, then you have met the high qualifications for employment in this government agency.

Plus, he’s woke.

Bonus points.

Here’s the irony of this father-uncle duo shooting their daughter and niece at a public park with what is most certainly an unregistered firearm. Ian King has been an outspoken curmudgeon to improve conditions for DCF workers and clients for years now.

While gangbanging on the side apparently.

I found this link form 2012, in which he filed a FOIA request with the City Council, demanding information on how many children have been left in neglectful homes.

He was really, really into that cause.

I’ll tell you one thing about the social services department – they never shot their own family while trying to take out someone else at a public park on the 4th of July. Say what you want about their track record, but they’ve never done that before.

Perhaps DYS should consider doing more background research into the people they hire to work with at risk youth in Boston. Just a thought.


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