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Dorchester Principal Hospitalized After Being Beaten By Student Whose Parents Were Threatening Her, Mayor-Elect Wu Blames Teachers For Enforcing Rules, Pulls Cops Out Of Schools


This is Patricia Lampron, the principal of William Henderson Inclusion School in Dorchester.

This week she was viciously attacked by a student and knocked unconscious.

A police report obtained Thursday offered new details into what happened, including that a school safety officer who helped restrain the student told police that Lampron was “completely knocked out” for at least four minutes, and that when she came to, she didn’t know where she was and cried uncontrollably. The report said that the same school safety officer and other witnesses saw the principal being punched and having her hair pulled by the student. The student, a minor, has not been publicly identified.

Victim 1 told police the teen told Lampron to stop following her and then “began throwing closed fisted strikes” at Lampron’s head. The injured principal fell to the ground and Safety Service Officers detained the teen, the report said.

The student admitted to hitting Lampron, according to the police report, and said that she got mad because school staff wouldn’t stop following her. Sources told NBC10 Boston that the student charged in the attack was involved in another fight last month and that, since then, a parent has been making threats against the principal.

Lampron and another unidentified staff member were attacked Wednesday at dismissal at the Henderson Upper Campus, authorities have said. A 16-year-old girl was arrested on scene and appeared in Dorchester Juvenile Court Thursday on charges of assault and battery on a person over 60, assault and battery causing serious injury, and two counts of assault and battery on a public employee.

A judge set bail at $5,000 and, upon release, ordered the student to remain under home confinement. She was told to stay away from the school and not contact the victim, Suffolk County prosecutors said.

Luckily the student was vaccinated so everyone was safe.

“Safety service officers” are what they call “cops” now thanks to the “police reform bill” that so many idiots blindly supported in June of 2020. Luckily they were still in schools under the Walsh administration and were able to save this principal before the 16 year old animal who put her in the hospital could finish her off.

And let’s be clear – the person who did this is an animal. When you become devoid of humanity you are no longer human. She didn’t end up like on accident either, she was raised to be this way by her parents, who are also animals. They’d been making threats against the principal because they are savages. They should be named and shamed, and if anyone can get me their identities I will gladly do that.

Mayor-elect Michelle Wu ran on a campaign promising to remove cops from schools, because she is an idiot.

During the campaign, Wu’s position on school safety was laid out in her education plan, A Community Vision for Boston’s Students and Families.

“Metal detectors have been found to negatively impact students’ sense of safety at school, while school resource officers (SROs) disproportionately criminalize Black and Latinx students, perpetuating the school-to-prison pipeline.” Wu wrote.

“We must immediately move to dismantle these punitive measures and reinvest in restorative justice practices employed by trusted, adult school community members.”

The same people who pretend to care about violence in schools after every school shooting don’t want to do anything that will actually help schools avoid further gun violence. Metal detectors don’t discriminate based on race. They detect students bringing weapons to school. As long as “Black and Latinx” students aren’t bringing knives and guns to schools the presence of metal detectors will not affect them.

School resource officers don’t “criminalize black and brown students, perpetuating the school to prison pipeline” either. They arrest people who commit crimes. If the student assaulted a teacher like that at Quincy Market she’d be arrested. Charging people with crimes when they commit crimes isn’t the police officer’s fault, it’s the criminals fault. This meaningless woke buzzword salad is eventually going to get someone killed, which is clearly what they want, so long as that person is a white woman like Patricia Lampron.

The attack on Patricia Lampron has not changed Michelle We’s mind in the least though, because she really doesn’t care if principals get sent to the hospital or killed by students.

Despite yesterday’s violent attack on the principal of Dorchester’s Henderson School, Wu still says officers do not belong in schools. But Wu continues to support the school safety measures she laid out during the campaign, when she called for “ending the criminalization of students.”

“It points for the need for us really to be really investing in our young people, in our school system, in the supports that are necessary all throughout the system,” Wu said. “We need in particularly in this moment coming out of the pandemic, when there’s been such stress, anxiety, trauma on our families to be putting more resources into social and emotional supports, into the wraparound services that our schools should be providing.”

This student didn’t attack the principal due to a lack of social and emotional supports. She didn’t like following the rules so she assaulted the person attempting to make her do so.

Meanwhile on the night she was elected Mayor Wu asked for a police detail at her house.

She wants to ban citizens from owning guns and get rid of police officers, while she’s protected by both. Whatever amount of contempt you have for these people, it’s not nearly enough as you should.

At the School Committee meeting the other night a student representative who goes to Henderson Inclusion School pointed out that the problem wasn’t violent students, or bad parenting, it was actually COVID and racist teachers who try to enforce rules.

Xyra Mercer, the student representative on the School Committee, is a 12th-grader at the Dr. William W. Henderson K-12 Inclusion School in Dorchester where the 61-year-old Lampron was attacked Wednesday, allegedly by a 16-year-old female student who faces arraignment in Boston Juvenile Court. Mercer, in a Globe interview Thursday, said she and her peers believe new approaches must be found by staffers to respond to emotionally charged incidents happening in schools, sometimes as a result of the social isolation of the pandemic.

“Social-emotional training for BPS employees [is needed] to prevent situations like this occurring ever again with more restorative practice being used as well,’‘ she said.

“Some students don’t have the best living situation or life in general and when teachers and staff suspend or kick the student out without having some kind of sit-down talk or intervention, sadly bad things happen.”

Many students don’t feel comfortable talking to a stranger about their struggles, Mercer said, while teachers and administrators often continue to lack understanding about students’ struggles.

“With this pandemic we have been battling, everyone is noticing” staffers’ lack of support to students, Mercer wrote.

“Me and my friends talk about the need for social and emotional learning every day.”

Ya got that? It’s the teacher’s fault for suspending kids who break the rules. The principal could’ve avoided being punched and beaten if she had just done some sit down and talk time, instead of trying to enforce rules.

This is an actual quote from that story:

Yea, the problem here is there aren’t enough social workers. If Patricia Lampron had just reimagined how to be better at her job she wouldn’t be in the hospital.

Road Rage Rollins also chimed in and suggested that the assailant was also a victim.

Rollins said they are working to ensure the girl gets “the treatment and services she clearly needs based on this violent, unprovoked attack.”

Yes, let’s think about the girl who dragged her principal by the hair, beat her face into the ground, and then had her mother stalk her. She’s the real victim here.

This is the mentality of the people who control Boston. You can’t reform something like this. You can’t find common ground with communists. Your only option is to move if you live there. There are plenty of communities in Massachusetts where we don’t hate the police and our kids go to school in a safe environment. Let the communists have places like Boston and watch it burn. The teacher’s union supported Wu, so this is what they get. Enjoy your commie paradise the next time a kid beats the shit out of you for doing your job.



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