Dorchester Rapper Convicted Of Stabbing 15 Year Old Shares Viral Post About Getting Out Of Jail After 5 Years And Getting Job At MBTA


Earlier in the week a Dorchester man named Joshua Z. Graves shared his inspirational story on Facebook and it was shared over a thousand times.

So he just got out of jail after five and a half years and immediately got a job working for the MBTA? Isn’t that wonderful. What was he in jail for anyway?

Joshua Z. Graves, was convicted of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury. The fifteen year old victim and his twelve year old brother (younger brother) had moved to Dorchester within the past year. The brothers played basketball most days at a park in Dorchester. On the date at issue, they arrived at the park to play basketball, and saw the defendant, among several other teenagers. The victim observed the defendant waving a knife and showing it to his friends. The defendant had a tattoo on the side of his neck that said “Pe$o” or “PEI$CE”. The younger brother recognized the defendant because he had played basketball with him before and because the defendant was at the basketball courts “daily.

During an ensuing basketball game, the younger brother, while attempting to gain his balance, pushed the defendant. The defendant shoved the younger brother to the ground and then punched him in the head and back. After hearing his younger brother say “help me,” the victim intervened and punched the defendant in the face. The victim was then “jumped” by approximately fifteen people, who punched and kicked him. The defendant was among those involved in the attack.

While the victim was on the ground, he saw the defendant “run over to the bench where the knife was.” At some point the victim heard someone yell, “that’s enough, that’s enough,” and “then everyone ran away.” As the younger brother walked toward the victim, he passed the defendant who was leaving the court. The younger brother saw that the defendant was “holding a knife and it had blood on it.” The younger brother testified that the knife was the same knife he had seen the defendant handling earlier in the day. The victim sustained stab wounds to his liver and his arm. The injury to his arm required stitches, and the injury to his liver required surgery and four days of hospitalization. 

Oh, ya know, stabbing a child. I’m shocked, he looks like such a pillar of society.

Never saw that one coming. I’m sure he’s all reformed now though, since he spent his prison years making cringe rap music glamorizing gangsta lifestyle.

He’s totally going to stay on the straight and narrow though, unless you do something to upset him.

Or if you don’t show him respect!

Of course he has other Google trophies too for breaking and entering and assaulting an elderly disabled person.

Definitely the kind of guy who should be rewarded with a job working in public transportation. Obviously this is a changed man, since the first thing he did upon being released was post about how he told the Judge that “5 years ain’t shit.”

Next time give him a challenge!

He still goes by his rap name, “Cartel,” and is still making gangsta rap music. And he wanted to clarify that he ain’t no snitch.

He did three years back when he was 15 because snitches get stitches, and he would never snitch on his boys. Except he did exactly that when he and some friends robbed and stabbed a guy at a pizza shop, and he couldn’t give up his boy’s name fast enough.

He got called out for it by some blue checkmark rap producer on Twitter.

That’s not going to help album sales M.C. McQueefalot.

I realize that felons and ex-cons have to make a living when they get out of jail. But that doesn’t mean they should be rewarded with hookup jobs in public transportation while other people can’t find work, just so they can rub it in and virtue signal about how “changed” they are for some cheap shares and retweets.


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