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Dover, NH Man Pulls Gun On Resident Who Told Him To Stop Speeding Through Neighborhood In Company Truck With Children Around


A video from a neighborhood in Dover, NH was posted on Facebook on Friday, showing a man who was allegedly speeding through the neighborhood in a company truck pointing a gun at a father with a baby who told him to stop speeding.

Boys in the Homegoods.

Break yo self foo!


I will concede two things:

  1. We didn’t see what happened before this
  2. The guy filming it was unwise to continue to provoke an unstable man who was pointing a gun at him if his child was really close by

People like this do more damage to the Second Amendment than Beto O’Rourke could ever dream of doing. They perpetuate the stereotype that law abiding gun owners are all disheveled men in wife beaters and sweatpants who badly need a shower.

I am 98% positive I know the name of the man in the video. That man was tagged in the post, responded, and then made his Facebook page private after I messaged him about it on Saturday. However, I will not publish his name until I am 100% positive.

The company that owns the truck he was driving is E&E Septic, a family owned business in Epping, which has since issued a statement saying he was fired.

When I reached out to them for comment they would not give me a name, and they told me that the man I suspected was never employed by them. However, that man bears a striking resemblance to the man i the video, lives in Dover, and also happens to have “liked” dozens of gun pages on Facebook. I will give this family owned business the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re not lying to cover for this man, because they seem like nice people.

I did reach out to the Dover Police and it seemed like this was the first time they’d heard of the video. Pro tip – Facebook court is not real court. You can’t see something like this, share it, and assume the police will see it. You actually have to call.

On that note, if you would like to confirm my suspicions about this man’s identity, please email me at [email protected], or message Clarence Woods Emerson or Turtle Boy Sports Forever on Facebook.


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