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Dover-Sherborn Administrators Shame Parents For Objecting To BLT-123 Propaganda Video In Middle School Entryway 

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (46:40)

Students at Dover-Sherborn Middle School were greeted with a video as they entered their school last week, explaining to them what a bunch of made up sexualities are.

Remember when schools used to teach kids how to read and write? Those were the days. Instead now children are force fed political propaganda and lies. There is so much going on in the world that the school could use this TV to educate children about. There’s a war in Ukraine, the World Cup is about start, and a new party is now in control of the House of Representatives. Or perhaps the TV could be used to broadcast school related announcements about upcoming events. Ya know, factual things that matter in the lives of students.

But instead learning about Pots and Pansexuals:


“A pansexual person is someone who doesn’t care who they’re in a relationship with despite gender or sex.”

Oh I get. They’re just a bisexual person who wants to talk about themselves. Thank you for clarifying.

Obviously they had to cover the big ones:

Because how would children know what a lesbian was if it wasn’t the first thing they saw when they entered their school? I get that they might learn what this means in health class, but the entry way to the school is not sex ed class. And I got news for ya – kids know what lesbians are. They follow Jojo Siwa on Instagram.

But maybe they didn’t know what aromantic was.

A person who feels no sexual or romantic attraction to others? In other words, they’re impotent and socially akward. Why on earth would children ever need to learn what this made up thing is?

Then there was asexual.

So basically it’s the exact same thing as aromantic except with more talking about themselves. I was under the impression that asexual was a term you used for organisms like tapeworms and starfish that reproduced by f***ing themselves. But further reading on the matter shows that humans can be asexual, and that asexual people do experience arousal, just not towards other people.

In other words, these are what we used to call “sheep f***ers.”

This was a new one too:

How can children receive a 6th grade education without learning what an omnisexual theater is? Omnisexuals have romantic and sexual desires for people of all genders, but they tend to like one more than the other. This group mostly consists of freshmen college girls who like the attention they get when they make out with other girls at frat parties, but at the end of the day they realize that nothing hits the spot quite like some good ol’ fashioned red meat. It also consists of bisexual people who realize that hooking up with mostly guys comes with significantly less headaches.

They of course had a transgender slide.

A transgender person is a person who looks down at their dick and decides that as much fun as it looks like, they’d like to trade it in for penis fly trap. Of course DS Middle School didn’t put up a slide with a definition for a woman, because if they attempted to define what a woman was their heads would spontaneously explode.

And finally there was non-binary.

It’s a person who can’t define what a male or female is, but switches back and forth between them anyway because what the f*** does it matter at this point? We’re all just making it up as we got along anyway.

Anyone notice one that was missing?

Oh right, heterosexuals. But vaginal intercourse is boring because it doesn’t give people the chance to talk about themselves. And ultimately that’s what all of this is – pure narcissism. An excuse for boring, uninteresting people leading dull and uneventful lives to pretend that they’re somewhere on the BLT-123 spectrum in order to talk about the only thing that matters to them – themselves.

Let’s not forget that Sherborn is home to this douche twinkie:

Bob Murchison is a mentally unstable bully from Sherborn with too much time and money on his hands, masquerading as a transgender activist, who spent years of his life collaborating with the Boston Globe by contacting WEEI advertisers in order to pressure the station into firing two cohosts from the highest radio morning show in Boston because they wouldn’t say the things he wanted them to say. Clearly his influence in town is rubbing off.

This is first year principal David Lawrence.

His favorite word is “equity,” and he’s friends with this jagoff, so you pretty much know everything you need to know about him.

He’s not inspired by DSMS commitment to education, reading, math, civics, or something that actually matters. The very first thing he said he was inspired about was equity – the equality of outcomes. Real equity would mean that every kid gets the same grade, there are no honors or AP level classes, and no kid will ever not make the basketball team. As ridiculous as those ideas sound, these are all things the equity crowd is pushing for.

In response to parent emails voicing concern about the propaganda being forced on their children David Lawrence sent out this update about the school’s equity audit:

So children made this presentation and he had no choice but to put it in the entryway to the school because the equity audit told him to. He claims that the slides showed “gay, lesbian, and heterosexual,” but the problem most parents had was that it also included made up nonsense like omnisexual and aromantic. The parents who were concerned were told that their opinions were invalid because the state frameworks dictate that children be able to define all 98 genders and sexualities.

The “equity audit is 45 pages long, and probably cost the taxpayers at least $100K to commission.

Dover-Sherborn Public School_Equity Audit Findings and Recommendations

Don’t waste your time reading it, because you already know what it’s gonna say. The same thing that every “equity audit” says – everyone who isn’t a straight white male is treated unfairly at school, and there aren’t enough black and brown Pots and Pansexual Eskimo teachers. I looked at it briefly and immediately had my assumptions confirmed.

There aren’t enough special ed students and black kids in AP Calculus. Therefore your school is racist and ableist. The only way to get equity is to let kids into AP who will be in way above their heads in order to set them up for failure.

As for “gender and sexuality,” the audit discovered that elementary school teachers are “supporting gender non-conforming students and supporting students through transitions.”

This is also known as “grooming.”

This is DS Superintendent Elizabeth McCoy.

She wrote an email to parents reprimanding them for being concerned, because having a problem with this propaganda being forced on their children is “disregarding our core values” of equity.

How dare you disrespect the equity audit! They won’t dignify your concern as parents with a response because you are beneath her. The equity audit was money well spent, and its rulings are final!

Keep in mind, Dover and Sherborn are the 3rd and 4th wealthiest towns out of 351 municipalities in Massachusetts (Weston and Manchester by the Sea are 1-2). Most people who live there live in million dollar homes and own at least one horse. Seriously, I’ve been to every town in Massachusetts and the only thing I remember about Dover was that I couldn’t drive 3 minutes without passing a horse farm. The people who live there can afford to do so specifically because they rejected the concept of equity.

The biggest issue with this is that the schools that are supposed to be teaching children science, are actively disregarding basic human biology by shoving this garbage down their throats. There are lots and lots of normal people who completely reject this, but their children are having it forced on them anyway, and they are dismissed as extremists with invalid opinions. But that’s what you have to do when your ideas are so weak that they can’t be defended in an honest debate.


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