Dracut Woman Advertises Sex Offender Husband’s Services As Santa, Cites 20 Years Of Experience In Malls And Private Parties


This is Nancy Clancy and her husband Joe Bass from Dracut.

The other day Nancy advertised her husband’s services as a Santa for hire in a community Facebook group, which he’s been doing for 20 years.

I mean, the guy is a dead ringer for Santa.


Except there’s just one problem….

He’s a registered sex offender from Florida who was convicted in 2007 of sending harmful materials to a child. But apparently you can just move from one state to another without anyone knowing about your status, so long as you committed the crime before 2013.

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Bass is registered in Florida as a sex offender and it’s easy to find online. But in Massachusetts, we had to file a public records request to see that he was registered. Dracut Police told Boston 25 that’s because any Level 2 offender found guilty before 2013 is not accessible to the public.

That seems like an easy fix. You find out who’s living here, you see if they’re sex offenders in another state, and you add them to the publicly accessible database if they are. Then again we’re being governed by people who can’t tell you what a woman is, so this is hardly surprising.

Fox 25 News went to his house to ask him about it and Santa Paws didn’t seem the least bit fazed.

We asked Bass himself. ‘So you think it’s alright to dress up as a Santa and be near children?” said Boston 25 reporter John Monahan.

“I have grandchildren, I love children. I’ve never harmed a child in my life,” Bass said.

Oh, he has grandkids. No sex offender has ever had grandkids before. It’s totally safe to put your child on his lap now, and he definitely isn’t getting a thrill out of it.

He has no plans to stop either.

We asked Bass again about hiring himself out as a Santa this year.

“So, will you continue to dress up as a Santa Claus then?” Monahan inquired.

“If people want me to it’s their prerogative,” Bass said.

“Do you think they should know you’re listed in the sex offender registry?” Monahan asked.

“Well, I guess they do now,” Bass said.

Bass then told us the charges were unfair.

“So, you think the charges are spurious?” Monahan said.

“I do,” Bass said.

“Even though you were found guilty?” Monahan said.

“That was a plea because I was told it would cost an enormous amount to fight something,” Bass said.

Sure thing Santa Paws. I bet you plead guilty to a crime, knowing you’d be a registered sex offender for the rest of your life, because it was too time consuming and expensive to fight the case. It’s no big deal to just plead guilty to a crime like that. Save your money for something else.

He’s also a big Joe Biden supporter, which makes sense since they are the same age and both can’t keep their hands to themselves around underage children.


But the guy who’s one Google away from being revealed as a pedophile probably shouldn’t go around mocking people for not wanting to put things in their bodies against their will.

Don’t worry, your kids might get groped a little bit by Santa Paws, but at least they won’t get COVID.

The level 2 sex offender is safer to be around than the nurse who just lost her job for refusing to be raped with a vaccine.

He also doesn’t want Jesus in his life.

Probably because Jesus would frown upon sending children harmful materials.

Speaking of Jesus, his son is also a pastor, which is the only thing creepier than a level 2 sex offender working as a Santa. He gave a sermon a couple weeks ago about how Kyle Rittenhouse was a bad person for not standing there and getting killed like Jesus did.


The scariest part about this is that he’s been doing this for years and only got caught now because someone Googled him. I dunno, it just seems like there should be rules banning sex offenders from letting kids sit on their lap in exchange for presents. But that’s just me.


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