Drug Addicted Man Dies In Shrewsbury Heroin Dealer’s Shed After Board Of Health Fails To Act On Neighbors’ Tips

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Here’s a crazy message we received this week from a turtle rider in Shrewsbury about the town letting a guy die in a shed after getting tipped off about it and doing nothing:

There was an OD death in the garden shed at 11 Rawson Hill Drive in Shrewsbury on Sunday. Well, the M.E. took the body but a well known drug dealer lives there with his elderly clueless mother Gloria. His name is Johnny Naun. He is somewhat educated but can only seem to hold a job on and off at the Shell station on 140. His girlfriend is a real treat too, Christiana Connolly. Both have criminal records. The Shrewsbury Board of Health was alerted to the fact that a young man was living in the shed at the address. Even had a bunk built in there. Illegal residence, obviously, and he was a drug addict. Board of Health did not respond to the email complaint until it was threatened that the complaint would be forwarded to the select board for investigation. Immediate response – inspection was completed on 9/27, but nobody is living in the shed. What? And then, 3 weeks later, said man living in the shed dies in the shed. In his bunk. Town Manager and select board was alerted and they are “looking into it” and seeing how it was “missed” and how they can “do better next time”. Well, if that man had been removed from his illegal domicile in the shed (with extension cord, SOLAR PANELS, and a curtain in the window,) he may still be alive right now.

Also, there is a truck camper that fell off the back of some guys shitbox last summer and it’s been sitting in the yard since. The guy, Ben Boulter, was squatting there with his girlfriend living in the camper. Literally fell off the truck into the yard and they couldn’t get it back on so they just lived in it there until the police finally pressured them out. He owns “Lakeside Landscaping” which is literally an unregistered shitbox truck with the number stenciled on the side. He used to put up a handwritten cardboard sign in the yard advertising his services.

We always ask for documentation when we get messages like this. The receipts were all there. Here’s the original email the source sent to Shrewsbury’s Health Agent on September 22, alerting them that someone was living in a shed in the yard of 11 Rawson Hill Drive.

When she never heard back she became alarmed and contacted the town again on October 16, asking why no one had responded to her. She complained about a loose pit bull and a dog that attacks people. The Principal Health Department Assistant for Shrewsbury, Kerry Stockwell, told her that the town had conducted an inspection of the property on September 27 and said that no one was living in the shed, no one was living in the camper on the property, and no dogs were running wild in the neighborhood.


According to the source this was a complete lie. Stockwell passed the buck onto the health inspectors, who clearly did nothing, and the source responded by telling her that Johnny Naun was a non-contributing, heroin dealing member of society.

This is Johnny Naun.

Crackhead Bill Shaner has several arrests, including pending charges for drug possession and distribution. He’s been caught twice selling heroin and pills. His 2019 charge ended up as most of these cases do – with a Continuance Without a Finding from Judge Andrew Mandell (the same judge who released Auburn Police Office Ron Tarentino’s killer from prison a week before he killed Tarentino).

Everyone in the neighborhood knew what he was up to, as they continue to be a menace to the otherwise pleasant north Shrewsbury neighborhood.

Before he got the exhaust fixed in his car, I would hear it start up and leave a few times in the middle of the night and be back in 5 minutes, drug drop off clearly, but no proof. Then the cars that show up at all hours of the night and day, I’ve seen a couple of hand-off drug deals in plain sight. But most of the people walk around the back of the house and come back out a couple mins later and leave. The police respond right away but those losers are just careful and fast.

This is the death shed, the trailer of broken dreams, and the lawn mower that hasn’t moved in 4 years.

Neighbors have been complaining for years now, but the town has done nothing. Now someone’s dead because of it.

The source requested a copy of the inspection report, assuming there needed to be some sort of paperwork following a complaint, but received no response. According to her this house is a problem for the entire neighborhood, and the police know who he is but have been unable to nail him on anything.

They want to nail him as bad as this whole neighborhood does. His last girlfriend ODed at the house, but survived a couple years ago. And last summer they almost lost another girl that picked up her drugs from him and ODed in the driveway. Concerns about trash piled up in the yard/driveway and the grass being a foot tall. Right on the scanner they said they almost couldn’t bring her back. Every time people in the neighborhood would call the health department they would make them feel guilty about it because they’d have to call the elderly mother to address the concern. I’m sure they barely looked into it. 

Johnny’s girlfriend, Cristiana Connolly, went “missing” in Hawaii a couple years ago in what was most likely a drug fueled bender.

So they have a lot in common. Mostly drugs and an aversion to conditioner, but something in common at least.

The deceased man’s name was Jacob Glynn, and he was an addict who got his drugs from Scrawny Johnny.

While he was alive Jacob spent a lot of his time sharing communist memes on Facebook, complaining about Trump, calling the police racist, and making fun of people who didn’t wear masks or said “all lives matter.”

Here’s a piece of healthcare advice – don’t take advice on vaccines from heroin addicts who live in a shed in their dealer’s backyard unless you wanna grow 14 thumbs.

So basically, the town of Shrewsbury was alerted to a serious health hazard at the home of a well known heroin dealer, they claim that they sent someone from the health department to check it out, and they determined that the wiring that was coming out of it and the general debauchery of the yard wasn’t evidence that anyone was living there.

Just a reminder that the Shrewsbury Board of Health who found this acceptable also instituted a mask mandate, for over a year because of the existence of a virus that is far less deadly than heroin. They were so concerned about saving lives that they debated bringing back the mandates as recently as July 2022, but couldn’t be bothered to do anything about the junkie living in the shed of the friendly neighborhood drug dealer who was poisoning the community with opiates.


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