Drunk Shelburne Falls Couple Yell Racial Slurs In Front Of Child After Leaving Dog In Car At Greenfield Big Y Parking Lot


It hasn’t been that hot this summer so there’s been a shortage of videos of people leaving their dogs in overheated parked cars. But we got a good one from the Big Y parking lot in Greenfield where a couple claims they saw a dog left in a car for 42 minutes. They waited for the owners to finish their grocery shopping before confronting them, and things got heated.


Proving once again that pineapples and pizza don’t mix.

The guy was clearly drunk when he went grocery shopping, which is normal, and looks like some washed up relief pitcher from the Oakland Athletics circa 2005.


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When you reproduce with a guy who has “King Po” tattooed on his fingers (whatever that means), you’re going to end up on Turtleboy.

That’s just science.

I don’t know what the classiest thing about these incest incels was. Keeping their dog in an overheated car, showing up to grocery shopping drunk, repeatedly calling the other people racial slurs, throwing a bottle of booze out of the car as they left for absolutely no reason, doing this all in front of their unrestrained child in the backseat, or bragging about having 20 chickens as a parting insult.

“Actually I got like 20 chickens.”

Boom. Roasted.

“I live here you f***ing dumb ho.”

Oh, we know you definitely live around Greenfield. That goes without saying. My first guess would’ve been Colrain, because these two winners have Colrain written all over them. But as it turns out they’re from Shelburne Falls.

“I’m a real f***ing person who lives in Shelburne, not your tourist spic ass.”

Pretty sure Greenfield has never had a “tourist” in the history of its existence. It’s just a centrally located place for hillbilly folks from Franklin County to go grocery shopping. And she called him a “tourist spic” because he’s Latino? Where do you think he’s vacationing from? Holyoke?

Her name is Sarah Renaud, and she’s quite the catch.

Evidently that unrestrained toddler in the backseat doodled all over her arm while she was passed out from a meth bender and now she calls it a tattoo.

Is that the Mass Pike pilgrim hat? OK then.

On the plus side she’s one of the only people in Shelburne Falls who can brag about having all of her teeth, crooked as they may be.

His name is Matt Wright, and he sobered up in time to remove his Facebook page, but not before this image was screenshotted.

So just to review, two guttemuppets went grocery shopping with their kid, left the carseat at home instead of the dog, got drunk first, left the dog in a hot car, went full white trash on the people who tried to help the dog, called them racial slurs multiple times, broke a bottle for absolutely no reason as they left, and have previously taken pictures of themselves pointing guns at a scared dog’s head. These animals should not only lose their dog, they should also lose their child, because no one with a pulse is safe around them.


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