Dudley Man Previously Charged With Sexual Assault Defrauds Friends After Launching Fake Fence Installation Company  


This is Damien Paradis from Dudley.

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As you can see from the chinstrap, he’s got the Webster vibe going on, and he’s off to a very bad start.

Full disclosure – I was Damien’s history teacher many moons ago at Shepherd Hill. I had no issues with him that I can recall, and he didn’t leave much of an impression with me positive or negative. But apparently he’s made quite a name for himself since graduating.

Damien now owns a “company” called Paradise Fence and More.

Except there’s one big problem – no such company exists.

As it turns out Damien is trying to “turn his life around” after a series of setbacks. And by that I mean, he can’t stop collecting Google trophies in Dudley District Court for a variety of crimes, ranging from failure to stop for police, writing bad checks, plate violations, concealing ID, Indecent A&B, and A&B on a family member.


In 2017 he was charged with sexual assault:

According to the police report, the woman went to the Police Department in January to report she had been assaulted in December. She said she attended a party in Connecticut and became intoxicated. After the party, her friend drove to pick up two other people, one of whom was Mr. Paradis. They went to Mr. Paradis’s house. The accuser eventually went to bed on a pullout couch while fully clothed, she told police. At one point, Mr. Paradis pushed his body against the woman’s back, she told police. She told him to get away from her, but he ignored her commands, turned her on her back, got on top of her and removed her pants and underwear. Mr. Paradis allegedly made sexual contact with the woman, she told police. Paradis continued his actions for some time before stopping,” the report said. The victim said she went to the bathroom to call for help, but her cell phone battery was dead. When police interviewed Mr. Paradis, he said they had consensual sex.

The charges were dropped the next year when the alleged victim refused to testify, which happens frequently in rape cases. But a magistrate did find probable cause to charge prior to that.

He owes over $5K in back rent to a landlord in Thompson, CT, and has apparently burned many bridges with people who were previously friends and wanted him to get his life together. But some people just don’t want to be helped, and here is now on Turtleboy.

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Damien came to my attention when I was tagged in a post by another former student of mine name Liana, who tried to help Damien out by hiring him to install a fence at her house. Unfortunately he took the $1,700 down payment, told them he bought supplies (and never did), and gave her the run around for months. Finally she felt so betrayed that she publicly called him out on it 8 months later.

Last April Liana agreed to pay him the $1,700 and give him another $1,247 when the job was done in a couple weeks, but within days he started coming up with excuses for why he couldn’t drop off the supplies at the house to get started.

I’ve read so many text message conversations like this over the years from scamming contractors (see the Rego brothers), and they always progress the same way. Damien was no different, and said that he got caught up with other jobs.

No you didn’t. You’re just lazy and don’t like you doing your homework (just like high school). Stop it.

She was real patient with him, which scammers like Damien take advantage of.

Spoiler alert – he had no schedule to rearrange. He took your money and had no intention whatsoever of completing the job. I don’t know how people like this think it will end. I guess they hope that the victims will just forget about it and move on, but he forgot that people don’t like throwing away money, and they really don’t like being betrayed by people who they were trying to help out.

Damien would frequently not get back to her and when he did he would delay the start date.

Then came the “injury” excuse.

See how she’s saying sorry there? Scammers like Damien prey on people’s kindness and empathy. Now he gets to play the victim, and put her in a position to feel bad for him when he didn’t get the job done on time. He couldn’t respond to her message earlier, but all of a sudden couldn’t shut up about his injury.

But like an idiot, Damien continued to post pictures of himself dirt biking on Snapchat, and he was clearly making the whole thing up because lying is second nature to him.

After that Liana got her ex-boyfriend Scott involved, who was also a student of mine and a personal friend of Damien. Scott basically just wanted to get the job done so he offered to start doing the work if Damien dropped off the supplies he supposedly bought at Spaulding.

But Damien knew this wouldn’t work because there were no supplies and he spent all the money on weed and Xbox games. So he came up with the excuse that as a trained expert in the art of putting up fences, he couldn’t teach his craft to a civilian that easily.

After that he kept giving him the runaround and harped on about his imaginary injury for pity.

“I appreciate you checking in on me, nobody else has.”

Even in his lies nobody likes him.

The worst part about this is that he’s not even a drug addict. At least addicts have an excuse. Damien isn’t a junkie, he’s just an all-around degenerate who doesn’t mind screwing over people who seem to care about him.

He then had the audacity to ask for more money because he needed to pay the costs of “getting back and forth,” (also known as operating costs) even though they lived one town over.

“I just reread our contract and realized I left that out.”

Yea guy, that’s not how contracts work.

Finally after a few weeks of the bullshit they had enough and asked for a refund, and haven’t heard from him since.




While he was actively screwing his friends over he was also selling a bunch of crap from the place he was evicted from because he had “new inventory coming.”

He could also afford tickets to concerts.

And was actively seeking new customers, while presenting himself as some sort of legitimate fence installer on Facebook.

The quote is free! He won’t charge you to tell you how much he’s gonna steal from you. What a deal!

Here’s an idea Damien – before looking for new work, maybe you should do the jobs you’ve been paid for first. But I think we can all agree you had no intention of doing work for anyone else either. You’re just looking for new victims.

The funniest part about this is that while he was actively defrauding people who considered him a friend, Damien was posting about how the public schools failed him by “brainwashing kids to not be successful,” because teachers like me don’t students like him to grow up and make more money than us.

Yea Damien, my job was to teach you history, and I do remember teaching you about several scandal ridden administrations like Warren Harding and Ulysses Grant, which saw cabinet members end up in jail for defrauding the public. That was my way of teaching you that defrauding people was bad. I guess you make more money than me now, so congratulations. I can sleep at night though because I don’t steal money from people, not sure how you do. Shepherd Hill did offer financial literacy courses in school though, but apparently you slept through those classes because the the first thing they would’ve taught you is to pay your bills before you blow the money on dirt bikes and biweekly haircuts.

Liana’s post got hundreds of shares and more and more victims began to come forward. Apparently he had plenty of money to hit up the strip club.


Another victim we spoke to was a former neighbor who Damien hired to do work for him.

About June or July he contacted me asking if I wanted to work for him and stuff so I said yeah. I was struggling at the time so I figured the extra cash would be great. He get to Home Depot and he needs some equipment rented but didn’t have a card, so I was like hey use my card just pay me back cash cause I know you need the tools. I worked two  9 hour days for him, and on the second day I asked for cash and he was like can I pay you Friday. I was like yea sure no problem Friday came no answer. Week after, no answer. He actually owes me $750 because the rentals he never paid me back for either, as they were suppose to be included in my check. 

And in the comments more people were sharing their stories.

Damien, this is no way to live life. It’s time to grow up, get your shit together, be a man, and stop hurting people who tried to help you.

If you’ve been taken advantage of by Damien Paradis and wanna tell your story feel free to message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected].