Dudley Sex Offender Mows Lawn With Shorts Down Revealing Bare Crevice In Neighborhood Full Of Kids, Takes Baby For Walk With Strange Woman


Kyle Lamoureux is a convicted and registered sex offender originally from Palmer.

Five years ago he was found guilty of assaulting a young girl while she was sleeping during a charity fundraiser.

Convicted sex offender Kyle M. Lamoureux has been found guilty of inappropriately touching a girl under 14 at a Relay for Life fundraiser in Southbridge. The 32-year-old, residing at 1588 Main St. in Palmer, was charged with indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 after the girl told a family member that he put his hand down her shirt as she tried to sleep in a tent during the overnight cancer support fundraiser in June. Police reported Mr. Lamoureux was a friend of the victim’s family and the girl had been left in his care. He initially denied touching her when he was interviewed on June 16, but ultimately admitted he had, the report said. In the guilty rendering, Judge Timothy M. Bibaud ordered Mr. Lamoureux to stay away and have no contact with the victim, have no contact with children under the age of 16, wear GPS monitoring, provide a DNA sample, and register as sex offender. Further, Mr. Lamoureux is to serve 3 years of probation and pay $2,340 in probation fees. Mr. Lamoureux was previously found guilty of indecent assault and battery on a child stemming from an incident involving a 4-year-old boy whom Mr. Lamoureux, then 14, babysat in Wilbraham.

Of course the previously convicted kiddie diddler was allowed to go on a Relay for Life overnight fundraiser, and of course he tried to feel up a little girl while she was sleeping, and of course the judge whose crackhead daughter had her arrest report scrubbed by state police higher ups gave him zero days in prison after being convicted again.

He now lives at 2 Pine Street in Dudley, not too far from Dudley Elementary School. It’s a residential neighborhood filled with kids, and this is how he mows his lawn:

Why wouldn’t the sex offender go commando and make sure his mesh shorts were pulled down far enough to give his neighbors a nice view of his creamer crevice?

According to neighbors he also has been cutting the bushes so he can see into the yards of neighbors who have kids, he’s really close to the boys and girls club, and a mother in a red Toyota with a baby about a year old has been regularly visiting him.

Pro tip – don’t bring your crotch fruit around a child molester. This should require no explanation.

Keep in mind, this kid is too young to talk or walk, so Kyle Lamoureux diddles him then no one will be his voice. He has a track record of molesting kids of his own friends when they’re not looking, and clearly this woman either doesn’t know about his past or is a shitty parent herself. Possibly both. He definitely shouldn’t be allowed near children but it hiding in plane sight because he thinks no one will call him out on it. If you live the Dudley-Webster area, and you have little kids, you might want to keep an eye on them if they wander into his neighborhood. Just sayin.

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