Dudley Woman Calls Police On Man For Asking Her For Help In Webster Price Chopper And Taking A Picture Of Her

Pumpkin Spice Mafia Assures Her She Did Right Thing


This is Jetta LaBaire from Dudley.

Yesterday she endured a harrowing trip to the Webster Price Chopper and was brave and strong enough to share her story of survival in a community Facebook group.

Newsflash – if international sex traffickers were looking to kidnap women for Russian oligarchs on Black Sea yachts, they wouldn’t go looking for clients in Webster. No one is gonna pay for that.

Just to review:

  • She believes that a man who asked her for help took a picture of her in a public grocery store
  • The man said he lost something, needed help finding it, opened his phone to show her what that was, and then took a picture of her
  • In response she screamed in terror, asked for an escort to her car, and drove to the police station to file a report
  • She made the post to let the public know about the immediate danger to the community
  • She believes that the man took a picture of her in order to then send that image to a fellow sex trafficker in the parking lot, or post the fully clothed image of her “somewhere”

Every time someone sends me one of the Pumpkin Spice Mafia stories I’m just blown away how people aren’t embarrassed and humiliated to make posts like this.

“This situation could’ve gone 1,000 different directions.”

No, it really couldn’t have. Someone took a picture of you in public, which isn’t against the law, and you had the most irrational western white girl response possible. There was one other direction it could’ve gone in though. You could’ve just kept shopping, paid for your groceries, and moved on with your day. Instead you went this direction and ended up on Turtleboy.

Newsflash – the second you step out of your house anyone can take a picture of you for any reason and they don’t need your permission. What that person chooses to do with the image is none of your business, nor should it affect you at all. We also don’t even know that this actually happened, or if it was some sort of misunderstanding on the man’s part.

In a sane world posts like this would be met with mockery and laughter, but this is not how the Pumpkin Spice Mafia operates. One woman posts a story like this that goes viral, thousands of other women blindly choose to believe that the unconfirmed anecdote was an example of attempted sex trafficking, and the next time they see some guy in a grocery store minding his own business they immediately believe that they’re next on Russian oligarch sex buffet. Then the cycle repeats itself.

Right on cue the rest of the Pumpkin Spice Mafia blindly believed her story and thanked her for sharing.

“Did the police come back to Price Chopper to check out cameras.”

No. Because nothing alleged was against the law.

“You did the right thing. Your brave girl.”

No, she’s actually the exact opposite of brave. She’s frightened and paranoid for absolutely no reason. Instead of telling her the truth – that nothing happened and there’s nothing to be scared of – you’re encouraging women to be helpless victims when they see harmless people in grocery stores.

According to Kathaleen Lebeau, Volkswagon LaBaire was lucky to not be sex trafficked.

Yup, that’s how it works. You’re in frozen foods, some guy takes your picture, and then – BOOM – gone forever. She’s an expert on sex trafficking.


A couple women did try to calm her down and suggested scenarios that didn’t involve sex trafficking. They were promptly told to shut up because she wasn’t pretty enough to be sex trafficked.

“Could have went way worse.”

No, it really couldn’t have. This harmless incident actually went as badly as possible thanks to Jetta, and the police laughed at her the second she walked out the door. But yea, the next time you try to express a rational opinion on a community Facebook page you should probably just keep scrolling or you’re gonna get lectured by Dan Racine.

He knows a thing or two about sex trafficking.

Jetta also told the critics that she hopes they never experience what she went through, and added a twist about being “truly terrified” after being chased by the man.

“I hope you never encounter some sick pervert or need help.”

The only person in this story who asked for help is the guy in the grocery store who’s being treated as a sex trafficker.

“The man took a photo of me.”

Uh muh God! Thots and shares!

Here’s a thought – maybe the guy who asked Volkswagon LaBaire for help and opened up his phone took a picture of her on accident while opening up the app. My phone is full of accidental pictures like this, and I would imagine that boomers struggle with it. Maybe we shouldn’t assume the worst of our fellow man and vilify them on community Facebook groups.

Anyway, people like this are pretty harmless, but they’re still deserving of mockery because they’re the first people to tell you to shut up if you don’t go along with their hysteria. They also distract the police from real crimes they could be spending their time on, and could get someone hurt one day when a strapped Pumpkin Spice Mafia member decides she’s not gonna be a victim at Market Basket and shoots a guy looking at his phone in produce. As long as they continue to do this we will continue to mock them.


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