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Poor Behavior

Dudley Woman Hurls Drink At And Spits On Dunkins Employee In Amherst While Traumatized Boyfriend Attempted To Talk Her Down


The news is being dominated by protesting, racism, and what’s left of the COVID crisis. I yearn for the simpler days when we could blog about topics that united us, such as ratchet shaming. Luckily over the weekend a woman at a Dunkins drive through in Amherst provided that entertainment for us.

And that is why they don’t let women drive in Saudi Arabia.

This video is also why I never even considered getting a job in the service industry. Because you have to deal with people, and the crowd that Dunkins caters to is the worst. Ghetto fupastars who yell “I want my f***ing money back,” “I didn’t get my f***ing coffee,” “Tell me your f***ing name,” and “You’re a piece of s*** B***!!!” when they put the wrong amount of cream and sugar in your overpriced “coffee” that’s 95% ice.

I think we can all agree that the big loser here was this poor guy.


This is clearly not his first rodeo, as he seems like he knew the de-escalation techniques to use to clam down Meatfolds Moses when she feels wronged like this, which is all day every day. Unfortunately this time his methods were ineffective and he finally convinced her to drive away. You could hear him say at one point, “Bro, I just did five years.” And after dealing with this woman after getting out I think it’s safe to say that he’s reminiscing about better times. He knows that running away will not help him, because Meatfolds Moses will find him, and she will bring her shrieking pterodactyl mating call with her. If there’s anything we can do to help this poor man figure out a way to violate his probation, let me know.

I’m still not sure what she’s angry about. The people serving her told her they would make whatever she wanted, but she wasn’t having that. Instead she gronked the large iced coffee they gave her.

Then she appears to spit in their face after navigating her loose honches through the window.

Of course she’s driving barefoot too, because….fuck shoes.

Then out of nowhere she does a fire in the hole and threw a red drink inside at the Dunkins employee.

And finally she really lost her mind when the employee had the audacity to fight back and throw a coffee back at her.

With the straw.

She totally deserved it though. These people don’t make enough money to put up with that Karenzilla garbage.

Of course she was destined to appear on Turtleboy the moment her parents decided to name her Cheyanne. There’s only two things you can be if you’re named Cheyanne – a crazy bitch, or a stripper. And that woman couldn’t get hired to work the day shift at the Magic Lantern.

Some people claimed that the woman in the video was a Cheyenne from West Springfield, but according to the license plate it’s Cheyanne Wilson from Dudley.

Not sure what a Dudley woman was doing in Amherst, but I can only assume she’s banned from every Dunkins between the two towns. I can’t find her on Facebook or on the Google machine, so if you have any pics of her feel free to send them over. Email [email protected] or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook.


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