Duxbury Middle School Principal Sarah McGuire Forces Kids To Watch BLM Propaganda On Zoom Orientation, Claims It Promotes “Overcoming Challenges” 


This is Duxbury Middle School Principal Sarah McGuire.

She’s relatively new to the job, is only 34 years old, and is a radical left wing activist. Tatyana Semyrog, who is a Republican candidate for State Rep, has a daughter who attends Duxbury Middle and was shocked at what she saw during a Zoom presentation for student orientation. Keep in mind that the theme for orientation is, “all together.”

Except we’re not “all together” when it comes to the movement known as black lives matter. And we certainly don’t all support or glamorize Colin Kaepernick and other millionaire athletes protesting the American flag because they’re so oppressed living in the land of the free.

Colin Kaepernick is out of the NFL because on top of being a slightly below average NFL quarterback, he intentionally antagonized paying customers (fans) who support the police by wearing pig socks to practice, said that police are modern day slave catchers, and praised communist dictator Fidel Castro.


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This slightly below average quarterback who has never voted and speaks only through memes isn’t out of the league because he’s protesting against racism. He’s out of the league because it’s more profitable for him to claim to be a martyr, and has been financially rewarded by Nike by pretending to be oppressed.

Sarah McGuire’s theme for orientation was “all together,” which she likely believes we all are when it comes to Colin Kaepernick. That’s because black lives matter became a cult this summer. Prior to George Floyd it was a fringe movement that made it abundantly clear on their website that they want to:

  • abolish the nuclear family
  • eradicate capitalism
  • abolish prisons
  • abolish the police

But then it became so mainstreamed in June that you had to support it. Every major corporation in America shoved BLM’s anti-police propaganda down your throat under the trojan horse of “saving black lives.” People were banned from restaurants in Swampscott for speaking negatively about BLM while eating. CEO’s had to resign over Facebook posts denouncing BLM riots. The NBA, NHL, and MLB all give you 30 minutes of BLM informercials before every game. We’ve been told that rapists like Jacob Blake are great people, and that child abusers like Rayshard Brooks are victims when they beat up cops, steal their tasers, and die trying to shoot them at police officers. Your next door neighbor who never cared about any of this six months ago suddenly has a BLM sign in their front yard because that’s what you’re supposed to do now. If you resisted then you were labeled as a racist because logically then you didn’t support black lives.

This is why principals like Sarah McGuire feel comfortable showing BLM propaganda now in schools – because they think everyone supports it. Why wouldn’t they? You turn on Netflix and it’s black livers matter. Your kid watches Sesame Street – black lives matter. Even Mitt Romney was out protesting for BLM. Support for BLM took an unprecedented leap after George Floyd was killed.

But that was because the George Floyd video was so disturbing, and appeared to be a clear case of racist police brutality. Since then it’s become clear that that there’s no evidence that racism was a motivation for what happened in Minneapolis. But more importantly the last few black people who have been killed or shot by police have all been horrible men committing crimes that your neighbor with the yard sign can’t relate to. Your neighbor with the BLM sign felt bad for George Floyd, but they don’t feel an ounce of pity for Jacob Blake or Rayshard Brooks.

And of course the rioters in Kenosha, Portland, and every major American city who have been allowed to intimidate, stalk, burn, destroy, and murder while chanting “black lives matter” have completely destroyed whatever good will BLM had in June. This is the effect it’s had on public approval.

CC: Sarah McGuire – black lives matter is no longer hip. It’s back to what it was before George Floyd – a partisan left wing fringe organization that hates police and supports rioting. In other words, the 41% of Duxbury residents who voted for Trump don’t want their kids to have anti-police, anti-American propaganda shoved down their throats. I’m willing to bet several of the 51% of Hillary voters also aren’t a fan of the BLM agenda that Kaepernick endorses.

But according to her it’s appropriate to show videos of millionaires kneeling because they’re “overcoming challenges.” What challenge is that exactly? The fact that you’re not allowed to shoot tasers at cops or rape your baby mama without getting shot?

Even if you agree with BLM you have to acknowledge that not everyone does, and it’s inappropriate for public schools to push a political agenda down the throats of children. Their job is to teach kids math, science, social studies, and English. If teachers feel the need to mention current events they should present the issue, explain both sides, and let kids make their own decisions. Otherwise kids don’t agree with what they’re being fed won’t feel welcomed in the classroom, and that’s simply unacceptable. I won’t stand by and allow this sort of divisive rhetoric to become mainstreamed. Please feel free to contact superintendent John Antonucci (and CC Sarah McGuire) in a respectfully worded email to let them know that there are many people who don’t agree with the protesters and don’t want their kids to be forced to accept that their protests are an act of unity.

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