Duxbury Music School Grad Wants Children To Be Forced To Wear Masks In School Despite Fauci Emails Confirming Masks Don’t Work Because Teachers Are Immune Compromised 


The release of Anthony Fauci’s emails by Buzzfeed has revealed that we were lied to this entire time about many things.

1. Fauci knew that COVID was likely engineered in a lab.


2. Masks aren’t effective in keeping out the virus because the virus can easily go through a cheap piece of cloth you bought at Walmart, and that they’re not to be warn by healthy people who don’t have the virus. Obviously.


3. Asymptomatic spread is rare.


4. Unless you’re sick or elderly COVID is less dangerous than the flu.


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5. There is “substantial immunity” if you’ve already had the virus.


6. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates were in regular contact with Fauci to decide what information would and would not be allowed to be talked about on social media.


7. Fauci was furious that Florida was ignoring his demands and refusing to shut down their state, despite the fact that they had substantially lower death rates than states that instituted lockdowns.


We’ve been lied to this entire time. The “conspiracy theorists” were right, and some of the most powerful institutions in the world collaborated with the Red Chinese to destroy a healthy economy, put millions out of work, close hundreds of thousands of businesses, create a mental health epidemic, deny children an in-person education, confine children to homes with their abusers, and drastically increase the teen suicide rate. Anthony Fauci knew all of this, but he lied about it anyway because he was so addicted to the sound of his own voice. If he had told the truth then the “pandemic” restrictions would’ve been eased and he would’ve stopped getting invites on Sunday morning talk shows. Nobody enjoyed coronavirus as much as Anthony Fauci, and nobody benefitted from dragging it out like he did. He was addicted to his own relevance, and your children suffered because of it.

And yet this is how our “media” is covering these emails.


Frank and honest? He lied for over a year straight. This is the definition of gaslighting, but CNN knows that they have to keep making everything about Trump, because he is the only reason they’ve been remotely relevant the last 5 years. The most frank and honest person about COVID was Trump himself. By refusing to wear a mask or forcing anyone else to, and by promoting optimism while urging for schools to reopen, he was following the science that Fauci knew about in those emails. Instead of wasting time on that his administration was focusing on developing a vaccine, which they did much faster than anyone expected. Now the world is reopening while the people who unnecessarily locked it down take all the credit.

Yet despite all of this, and the fact that teachers all have access to vaccines, the MTA is still demanding that your child cover themselves with a face diaper in class while their teacher doesn’t have to.

  • Keep young children and their families safe through masking and distancing. Children under the age of 12 are still not eligible to be vaccinated. As a result, they can still get sick and transmit the virus to their families and communities. Transmission rates have been relatively low with masking and three feet of distancing in place. Until elementary school children are eligible for the vaccine, there should be no rapid move to eliminate these practices.

Nah. If your local School Committee forces your children to wear masks there should be open revolt. Do not put up with this. Speak at the next meeting, start a petition, hold a protest. These are evil, science denying despots masquerading as educators, who are forcing your child to smother themselves over their irrational fears of a virus the’ve been immunized against.

But on top of that you have to kick it up a notch. You must actively mock, humiliate, and call out anyone who wants kids to wear a mask. You must stop doing businesses at places that make employees or customers wear masks. You must laugh at people wearing masks outside. If they want children to wear masks in school then they are pro-child abuse. Take for instance this post yesterday on Fox 25 News.

Here’s someone who should be mocked and made to think twice before speaking publicly.

Proving once again that gingers have no souls.

Katherine Fitzgerald recently graduated from music school, where she picked up no valuable life skills and will go on to contribute nothing to society while complaining about how hard it is to find a good paying job so she can repay her student loans. I’m sure her family in Duxbury will take care of her though.

She wants your children to be abused. She’s a horrible person, and should not be treated with respect, kindness, or dignity moving forward. These people are terrorists, and we’ve let them run the show for far too long.

She’s also wrong. Most teachers are not immune compromised. The average age of teachers is 38, most are healthy, and all of them have the opportunity to get the vaccine. Even if kids spread the virus (which they don’t) it wouldn’t matter for teachers if they were vaccinated.

MTA members need to start speaking out against their union, like this person.

I know that the vast majority would like to see their students smiles when they get a problem right or complete a difficult project. You pay union dues to them, and they need to represent you. Under no circumstances should any child be forced to wear a mask in the fall.


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