East Bridgewater Babysitter Charged After Mom Views Abusive Videos, Family And Friends Defend Her Honor In Comments 


This is Amya Keene-Webb from East Bridgewater.

She advertises her babysitting services in the Moms of the South Shore Facebook group, although she recently changed her name to Notinuse Notinuse prior to publication of this blog.

Although it’s normally ill advised to find a babysitter on Facebook, it’s common in Mom groups like this, where sources can be vetted and other people who hired the sitter can share their thoughts.

On May 7 a mother from Hanover named Brittney posted that she was in need of a sitter for her 3 young children. Amya responded (Notinuse Notinuse).

Brittney and her began talking and she says that Amya seemed like a nice girl. In order to ver her Brittney paid to have Amya do a 3 hour trial run babysitting her kids, and said there were no issues. So she hired her to watch them, but after viewing video from inside the house Brittney was horrified about what she saw. This week she made a Facebook post which has been shared thousands of times, alleging that Amya was abusive towards her children.

As you know if you read this blog, I’m skeptical of viral Facebook posts that accuse others of wrongdoing without providing any evidence. I don’t mind online outrage mobs, so long as the outrage is justified and backed by proof of wrongdoing. The video Brittney referenced was not posted publicly so I messaged her privately to ask if she would show it to me. She did, and it was hard to watch. The children were clearly being “manhandled,” and Amya seems upset and angry while doing basic tasks such as changing diapers and putting the kids down for a nap.

I asked Brittney if I could share the videos and she was hesitant to. She has been in touch with the Hanover Police Department, and has received blowback from friends and family of Amya in the comments underneath the post. She didn’t want to share the video and have it effect the criminal investigation into Amya. I informed her that criminal charges don’t go away just because evidence is presented on Facebook. If that were the case the charges against Derek Chauvin would’ve been dropped the first time someone shared the George Floyd video. She agreed to let me share certain clips showing Amya “manhandling” her two youngest kids.

In this one she violently yanks a one year old boy by his arms after changing his diaper, causing his neck to whiplash.

In this video the one year old wanders over to her while she’s putting clothes on his older sister. Since he’s a toddler he picked up his dirty diaper and she responded by quickly spanking his behind.


In this video she physically drags the one year old by the arm across the room, despite the fact that he wasn’t resisting or crying.


Finally when she goes to put the kid down for a nap violently grabs the toddler before tossing him down on the ground in one fluid motion.

This is not how you treat children, especially when they’re not yours. Everything she did seemed angry, like she hated doing this job. Maybe she thinks it’s normal to grab kids like that. Maybe she was raised this way. But it’s NOT NORMAL or OK to treat little children like this. Your temper and anger management issues are yours to deal with, not theirs. Makes you wonder how many people do this every day and raise a generation of children who will do the same.

Hanover Police were alerted and responded to the home after viewing the video. They agreed that it was abusive behavior, and Amya will be charged in Hingham District Court with reckless endangerment of a child, and assault and battery. Just as I suspected, Amya told police she was the victim of child abuse.

If you grow up being manhandled then you think it’s perfectly normal to manhandle children.

This is Amya with her boyfriend Joe Spencer.

I will vote for whatever politician bans Facebook filters. That is all.

Amya quickly got rid of her Facebook page and her family was smart enough to stay out of it. But Joe’s family and friends on the other hand felt the need to defend her honor.

“She has babysat for others and there was never an issue.”

Translation – no one else who hired her has cameras in their living room. There is no way this is her first time. She was shocked when the police showed up because she seemed to have no idea that she did something wrong. Dragging kids around by the arm and whipping their necks around is apparently normal child rearing for her.

Also on Braedyn’s friends list are a number of Umbrianna’s.

One of these Kingston crustaceans told the concerned mother to “watch your back homies.”

Safe to say that a lot of men will be watching her back, but only when she’s on all fours.

Then there’s this South Shore swamp donkey.

As you can see, she writes like a Brockton honors student.

She has a litter of raw dog trophies herself, all with completely made up names that a person might come up with if they were dealt the worst letters in Bananagrams.

Knyjai, Saknya, and Synthia. Now THAT is ratchet!

She goes by Tia Nunyayo on the Facebook machine, and she appears to be Amya’s aunt.

She didn’t mention this while she was defending her niece harder than CNN defends the Biden family.

TL;DR – she checked on the Google machine and when an arrest report didn’t immediately pop up she reached the conclusion that no abuse took place. Hoodrat Columbo up in this bitch!

Like I said, I’m all for being skeptical of posts like this, which is why I do this crazy thing where I directly ask the person making the accusation for evidence, rather than accusing them of lying.

The South Shore Swamp Donkey didn’t say what her relation was to Amya, but she did somehow have a screenshot of a text message from her, which she apparently believes exonerates her niece.

“Say swear to God.”

If that’s not official I don’t know what is. It’s MUCH more serious than a pinky swear. She should try that defense in court and see how it goes. Maybe her Aunti Tia can represent her.


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