Easton Man Uses “Photography” To Lure Women To Apartment For Nude Photo Shoots, Tells Them They Can’t Bring Men With Them Due To COVID


This is Todd Follett from Easton.

Todd is a man of many trades. By day he’s a mild mannered Office Manager for Health Catalyst in Cambridge.

He’s also a poet, and an aspiring musician who still hasn’t given up the dream.

But his real passion is photography. He is the proud own of Theseus Photography, and on his professional website Todd describes himself as:

A 45-time internationally published photographer specializing in fine art fashion/ boudoir portraits; a published poet; and a musician who plays and sings acoustic covers (and a few originals).

But according to many women he’s an extremely shady man who uses photography to get young women naked in his apartment. Speculation began last week when he messaged a woman he didn’t know and asked her to do a shoot.

This woman happens to be very attractive, and he invited her to do “boudoir” photos with him. Boudoir is basically a fancy and less offensive way of saying buck neckid.

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Offering a complete stranger a free photo shoot like this means he either doesn’t get much business and is looking for a hot woman to use in order to attract more women, or he had other things in mind. She asked him if she could bring a friend because of the creep factor, and he told her this was unacceptable and used COVID as an excuse.

Is there anything that COVID can’t get you out of? He can have this complete stranger in his apartment without a mask on, but two complete strangers is one too many. Even if those two strangers live together and breathe all over each other.

He wanted to make it clear that he didn’t need her, because he’s a big shot photographer.

“I’m not looking for people to shoot.” – Guy who messaged a complete stranger and asked her to come and do a one on one photo shoot with him.

He also had another caveat – if she brings a friend for the outdoor shoot (she must come alone indoors), that friend must be a woman.

Just head on over to this skeevy guy’s place to get naked and don’t bring any men with you. Nothing date rapey about that!

The woman told Todd that she would have to do some research before showing up alone at his apartment for a naked photo shoot, and he warned her that she’d probably hear a lot of bad things about him, which is a completely normal pre-emptive thing to say if you have nothing to hide.

Turns out he had good reason to fear the bad reviews.

That’s like a catholic priest asking to babysit your altar boy and instructing you to ignore the people from the previous parish he was just shipped out of by the Bishop as part of the “restructuring.”

He also had another rule when asking about references – don’t talk to any women from Rhode Island because they’re all liars.

In fairness, staying away from women from Rhode Island is usually sound advice. Just sayin.

When he says he wants to shoot at his office, he really means his apartment.

When she said she wasn’t interested he did what any respectable photographer or business owner would do – demanded to know why, told her that it’s her loss, bragged about how many other models he had to choose from, degraded her for not appearing in any calendars, and cried and call her two-faced.

As for his work, you can check out the abortion he calls photography on his IG. Basically he hypes himself up as a guy who can get you in magazines, then tells you that in order to do that you’ll need to go in the woods and strip down to give him something to work with in the spank bank.

At least half the pictures, which pretty much anyone with an iPhone and an IG account could publish on their own, take place in his living room next to the windows. And a lot of these girls look like kids I had in 11th grade history class. (Some of them contain full nudity, which I won’t publish here, but can be found on TBS by clicking here).

This one was my favorite.

I’m not a “professional” photographer or anything, but it seems like it would be pretty easy to get rid of her reflection in the window, find her a pair of shoes, use some actual lighting, and maybe not have a background setting of suburban Easton with bad carpeting and an electrical outlet on the floor.

You can even see the same car parked in the lot in several pictures, which of course he couldn’t be bothered to photo shop out or do anything with, because that would make him an actual photographer.

Come on dude, you couldn’t even give her some makeup, or do something about the high beams on the gerber servers?

Notice there’s no curtain on the windows either. That’s because it may or may not double as a photo shoot prop.

And you know this guy’s a real professional because he also stars in a number of his finer pieces of art.

No one can tame Todd Follett because no one understands him. He’s a free spirit.

There’s something creepy about even the most “professional” photographer who wants to take pictures of naked women. Seems like an excuse to avoid buying a subscription to Brazzers. I’d urge any woman pursuing a modeling career to just kind of stop and do something else instead. You’re never going to be Cindy Crawford, and if you need an ego boost just take some selfies in your underpants and post them on Facebook. Trust me, thirsty dudes will be in your filtered inbox within minutes. But if you do decide to try your hand in the field of modeling, avoid Todd Follett and Theseus Photography at all costs. There’s something seriously wrong with a man who uses COVID as an excuse to get you alone and naked in his Easton apartment.


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