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Easton Residents Raise $10K In Hours For Interracial Family After Racist Neighbors Allegedly Threaten To Chop Up Special Needs Brother With Chainsaw


An Easton woman posted in a Facebook group yesterday about an alleged incident of racist harassment that occurred between two neighbors, and she shared a GoFundMe for the victims.

Just to review:

  • Interracial family has been harassed by neighbors to the point where they want to move out
  • The couple has a young child and a mentally disabled 32 year old brother living with them
  • Neighbors pulled the brother aside and said “I’m gonna kill you n word,” and “I’m gonna get a chainsaw and kill you n word,” just in case it was unclear the manner in which he would be killed
  • Neighbors shine bright lights into their child’s bedroom at night
  • Neighbors presumably vandalized the mother’s car and covered it with coffee
  • Neighbors frequently have parties where they get drunk and threaten to hang their black neighbors from trees
  • Interracial family is moving out because they can’t deal with the neighbors anymore so these nice white people started a GoFundMe to raise money for a $2,100 a month rental home for the family
  • The mother and father both have full time jobs that pay decent salaries
  • The police were first involved when the horrible racists next door called them on the interracial family
  • The police told the interracial family that it’s not illegal to be racist

The GoFundMe, which has now been taken down, raised over $10K in a matter of hours because everyone blindly believed this story without a shred of evidence, or even the names of of anyone involved.

Did this happen? I have no idea. But the whole thing sounds cartoonish. I mean, a chainsaw? Really? The racist family that yells the n word at them all the time told the mentally disabled brother that they were going to chop him up with a chainsaw and then called him the n word for good measure? They have parties where they tell their black neighbors that they’re gonna hang them all from trees? I’m not naive enough to think that racism doesn’t exist, but I think most reasonable people who read this would be somewhat skeptical as to the authenticity of the story.

Easton is a fairly wealthy town right outside of Brockton filled with white people. And in light of all the black lives matter protests they are consumed with white guilt right now. A post like this is a great way for them to write a check and feel like they contributed to stopping racism. Evidence is not required to alleviate white guilt.

As for the cops, if the neighbors did in fact vandalize her car, and if they are actively shining bright lights into the kid’s bedroom at night, then they have committed a crime. It also seems odd that two gainfully employed parents, who likely qualify for SSI because they are caretakers for the brother, would need a GFM to pay rent. They shouldn’t need money, there’s no explanation for why they need money (other than white guilt), and no one even knows their names.

But I guess no one else asks questions any more.

Then Kelly updated it.

The details were “misrepresented.” In other words, not everything in the post was true. But thanks for all the cash anyway.

I messaged the Raising Multicultural Kids Easton MA Facebook page and asked for more info, but they wouldn’t give me the names of either the racist neighbors or their alleged victims because they wanted privacy. Apparently the people who posted a huge yellow sign on their door, had a bunch of white people shell out $10K, and saw these same white people threatening to confront their allegedly racist neighbors, all of a sudden want privacy.

Nothing shady here at all.

The guy who’s moving into their place apparently caught wind of it too.

According to him he just signed a lease to move in there, which means the people living there now decided to move out without having a new place to move into, despite having a child and two parents with good jobs?


The bottom line is that Easton is filled with people who have money and feel guilty about living in a town with no diversity, while being directly next to Brockton. They see something like this and they want to believe it’s true because it gives them an excuse to donate to something in order to make themselves feel better. So if you’re living in a town like Easton and you’re looking to make a quick buck then post about your interracial friends whose neighbors threatened to hack up your special needs brother with a chainsaw and watch the donations fly in. No one will ask any questions.


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