Ed Prisby Resigns In Disgrace After Being Excused As Mask Hypocrite, Says He’s Proud Of Affordable Housing In Grafton After Evicting Countless Tenants


Before Christmas we exposed Grafton Board of Selectman member and ambulance chasing attorney Whiskey Ed Prisby for going into a liquor store without a mask on after demanding that the town fine more businesses that don’t enforce mask policies.

He lied about the video being tampered with before coming clean and issuing a fake apology. Then that night he shared the blog on his page, called me trash, and did a drunken live show from his office in Lexington at 8:30 PM instead of going home to be with his family. The stream got taken over by turtle riders who not only called him out for his hypocrisy but also made allegations about infidelity (which personally, I have no interest in because I’m really just concerned about the fact that he’s a tyrant), and he freaked out, called me several vulgarities and ended the stream.

The next day he sobered up, removed the post, and pretended he hadn’t embarrassed himself.

Then today this happened.

Add another one to the Turtleboy graveyard!

Ed isn’t resigning because he wants to. He’s resigning because we made him. He knows he had no chance of getting re-elected, and his family probably asked him to stop embarrassing them. He admits that his boss was nagging him about it, probably because Ed posts drunken live streams from their offices which gives all of them a bad name. But this was my personal favorite line:

And, most dear to my heart, we have set in motion the construction of affordable housing at the long-vacant 25 Worcester Street.

He’s really proud that he advocated for affordable housing. He hates to see people living on the streets and is a good bleeding heart liberal who advocates for the poor while living in an affluent suburb full of white people.

Except for the fact that all of his reviews on Avvo are from landlords thanking him for his help evicting tenants.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m Team Landlord 99.9% of the time. Get the deadbeats out of there! But I also don’t pretend to be a bleeding heart liberal who wants more affordable housing in town. Keep the ratchets in Worcester where they belong.

At the end of the day Ed Prisby isn’t that much different from me. He thinks masks are stupid vanity pieces that do nothing to stop the spread of commie cold, and he thinks people who don’t pay their rent should be evicted. The big difference is that I’m not a complete fraud. Good riddance, tyrant!


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