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Elderly Veteran Assaulted By Transgender Antifa Man In Douglas For Holding Trump Sign, Assailant Blaming Victim On Facebook


Douglas is a small town of no particular significance that hardly ever makes the news. It’s a rather conservative town where Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by a comfortable 19 points in 2016, but it’s not known for being a political hot bed. At least that was the case until yesterday when a 73 year old Vietnam veteran was assaulted by a 34 year old transgender Antifa Bernie bro while peacefully holding a sign for Trump in the middle of town.

I’m just thankful it wasn’t a Proud Boy. Someone could’ve gotten hurt! Remember when the totally apolitical FBI said that the biggest domestic threat in this country are white supremacists? Funny, I don’t see many white supremacists, ever. But I often see people like this attacking people in the streets for being conservative.  Almost like the FBI has become a useless, politically orientated arm of the DNC.

Just to be clear – that’s a dude. An elderly veteran was attacked by that man for supporting Donald Trump. And to the shock of nobody, he has a Bernie sticker on.

He also supports the terrorist group known as black lives matter.

There has never been a group that has caused more destruction to our country and gets praised for it than BLM. This is who they are. This is what they inspire.

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To make matters worse this BLT-123 posted on Facebook after being arrested, blaming the elderly victim, bragging about being part of Antifa (which is just an idea according to Joe Biden), claiming that a strange van showed up and gave him a Biden sign, and alleging that the victim only got a cut because he fell while trying to attack him.

Defund the police. This is who you’re voting for if you vote for Joe Biden in two weeks. This is what you support. Men who think they’re women, join Antifa, assault elderly veterans, and then blame the victim.

This was posted well before the Douglas PD put out a statement.

So Hogzilla wasn’t just standing there when a van dropped off a Biden sign. Hogzilla was dropped off by the van, and went there specifically to assault an elderly veteran who attempted to walk away after having his sign stolen from him.

According to people in the disc golf community he played for years in the men’s division but was horrible, transitioned to the women’s division and still is the person you don’t want stuck on your team. According to this wedding registry from five years ago “Kiara Ciccarelli Hand” is married to a woman too.

Apparently his wife is a lesbian who’s into men. Perfectly normal.

This degenerate didn’t decide commit this crime out of nowhere. He was emboldened by the media and politicians who have made it OK to dehumanize Trump supporters. In very clear terms they have urged people to harass and assault those they disagree with, because “punching a Nazi” is easy when everyone you disagree with is a Nazi. In reality, these are the actual modern day brown shirts. These are the soldiers for Joe Biden.


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