Elderly Woman Attacked By Woman And Teen Daughter’s At Michael’s In Framingham, Destroy Sentimental Painting, Threaten To Stomp Her Glasses


Update: The mother has been identified as Antoinette Callahan of Framingham. Read about her here.

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Yesterday an elderly woman went to Michael’s in Framingham to get a 20 year old picture framed for her daughter for a Christmas gift. While looking for a spot a ratchet and three of her daughters were standing in the middle of the parking lot while the mother was on her phone, so the elderly woman drove around, prompting the matron ratchet to swear at her and try to open her car door while she was driving. The elderly woman found a spot and quickly went into the Michael’s, but she was followed by the sewer guppy clan into the store and they harassed her. One of the junior mongoloids took the woman’s painting and allegedly ripped it to shreds in the store as the employees stood by and watched. The elderly woman attempted to stop them from doing so, but she was overpowered. She then began filming what was happening as the matron ratchet Facetimed an unknown person to tell them what had happened. Afterwards she called the police, which unfortunately backfired for her when Framingham Police reviewed store security and charged her instead. Here’s the first video from after the picture was torn apart.

I knew they were guttermuppets the moment I saw Mom was wearing slippers out in public.

Pajama pants in public is one thing, but slippers for shoes is full trailer park.

The worst part about that whole video is how the little girl is traumatized by having to witness it all.

Unfortunately for her this is probably just your average Tuesday, and with time she will become desensitized to it like her grizzled older sisters. This is child abuse, and this woman should have her youngest daughter forcefully removed from her by the state. Unfortunately the two older girls are beyond the stage of reform and no foster parents would ever consider taking them in. This is just who they are now.

The video begins with junior mongoloid #1 threatening the elderly woman and instructing junior mongoloid #2 to calm down their crying and traumatized sister.

JM1: “Can you calm her down? Because I’m about to F*** YOU UP!!!”

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Look at her eyes.


That child has the devil in her. It’s way too late for her. This is going to be her life now – getting in physical confrontations with the elderly at Michael’s during Christmas season.

JM2: “You put your f***ing hands on a 13 year old girl?”

Elderly Woman: “No I didn’t.”

JM2: “Yes you f***ing did! Bro, you slapped my f***ing hands! You want me to punch you in the face?”

JM1: “You silly b****!!”

JM2: “You punched me bro, you wanna say that? No, she wants to talk shit bro!”

JM1: “You’re a grown ass woman with a f***ing cross on your chest, so why the F*** are you putting your hands on a 13 year old girl?”

Just look at this corn feed feral child being egged on by her dumpster pig of a mother, filming the whole thing on one of her two Obamaphones.


That child has never eaten a vegetable or read a book for pleasure in her life. She attacked an elderly woman, ripped up a sentimental picture that she came there to get framed for Christmas, and then cried victim when the woman tried to put her hands on her to attempt her to stop. She knew she could play the “I’m a 13 year old” card, and instead of intervening the matron ratchet started Facetiming someone to fill them in on what was transpiring.

Matron Ratchet: “This woman just f***ing tried to hit us, called my daughter a cunt.”

Part 2 gets crazier.


Matron Ratchet: “She just f***ing almost hit us with her car…..and then we got this guy over here who wants to video tape shit, I’m gonna zoom in on you too.”

She was talking on the phone to a man named Ryan, who apparently couldn’t get down there quick enough to give them backup on the elderly woman they assaulted. So junior mongoloid #2 told Mom to call Gino instead, because Gino collects SSI and hasn’t had a job since 1998.

Matron Ratchet: “This woman right here, she attacked Brooklyn.”

JM2: “She put her hands on me. Ryan get over here at Michael’s. Call Gino.”

Matron Ratchet: “Ireland call the cops right now.”

You know you’re in the food stamp mafia when your daughter’s are named after a NYC borough and a country.


Junior mongoloid #1 didn’t like Mom’s suggestion to call the cops.

JM1: “One of you can call the pigs.”

Because more than likely every interaction this family has ever had with the police has been negative. And you KNOW there have been MANY interactions with the police.

The matron ratchet’s priority wasn’t to comfort her crying daughter though, it was to make sure her other daughters kept filming.

Matron Ratchet: “Don’t stop video taping her.”  

The elderly woman was clearly scared and was too frightened to even pick up her glasses which the teenagers knocked off her face while assaulting her.

Elderly woman: “Those are my glasses on the ground, my ripped up picture that she ripped up.”

JM1: “I’m about to f***ing stomp on those glasses then, what the f***.”

JM2: “You put your hands on a 13 year old and all you care about is your $4K painting.”

If those were my kids I would smack the respect into them and ground them for life. Christmas would officially be cancelled and they’d be volunteering at the old folk’s home until they turned 18.

But because their mother graduated from the Kate Peter school of parenting she called the police instead.

Matron Ratchet: “We came into the store and she called the manager and attacked my 13 year old daughter. And put her hands on her. And then my other daughter tried to f***ing help her sister and she attacked her too.”

Translation – my offspring, which is out of control on account of my horrible parenting, followed an elderly woman into a store, harassed and attacked her, destroyed her personal property, and then cried victim. Please arrest the old lady. Also, f*** the police.

Sources tell us that police ended up charging the matron ratchet with felony A&B, destruction of property, and filed a 51A for her kids. We don’t have a name, but I’m hoping a turtle rider out there can identify her for us. If you can, please email [email protected], or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook, or @Turtleboyphone on Twitter. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess this isn’t her first run in with the law.



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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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