Framingham Mother Whose Teen Daughters Attacked Elderly Woman At Michael’s Also Had Her Home Raided For Drug Dealing Son In Viral 2019 Video And Started A GoFundMe


Editor’s Note: Some have asked if they can donate to the elderly woman for her destroyed picture. I reached out to her daughter who told me that her mother is too humble to accept charity, but thanks you all anyway. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel as this will be the topic of the Live Show at 9 PM.

Earlier we published a blog about a Framingham mother and her two teenage daughters who assaulted an elderly woman at Michael’s, destroying her 20 year old picture that she was trying to get framed for a Christmas present for her daughter.

In the video the matron ratchet Facetimes someone named Ryan, before her bootleg Veruca Salt daughter tells her to call Gino instead. Turns out that’s her son. We now know this because the mother’s name is Antoinette Callahan, and she was all over the news two years ago screaming about police brutality because the cops entered her home to arrest her pot dealing son Gineto (Gino) Callahan. The media attempted to smear the police too, but that narrative was quickly debunked when it was revealed that they had a warrant and she attempted to prevent them from coming into the house as her son flushed the evidence.

One day after a viral video prompted criticism of police for raiding a Prior Drive home without a search warrant, court documents showed that they eventually obtained one and confiscated 20 marijuana plants and several guns while executing it. The video, posted Monday, showed Framingham and Natick police officers from the MetroWest Regional Drug Task Force demanding entry to the home during a raid Aug. 7. The lead officer told the homeowner that he did not have a warrant, but said one had been requested and that she must let him into the house in the meantime to “secure” the premises. She at first refused, the video shows, but relented after he threatened to break the door down.

On Tuesday, Framingham District Court released documents including the search warrant and a list of items confiscated in the raid. According to the warrant, the investigation began when police received “numerous complaints” of visitors coming to the home briefly over a months-long period in a manner consistent with drug deals.

While watching the home Aug. 7, police stopped a car that had just made one such visit, according to the warrant said. The driver, a Wellesley man, waived his Miranda rights and told police he had just bought an ounce of marijuana at the Prior Drive house from “a kid named Gino,” although he usually bought from a man named Ryan.

The man said he paid $200 in his last transaction, the warrant said, and that he had bought marijuana at the home “multiple times.” Police later followed a man who matched Gino’s description when he left the house in a car, the warrant said. They stopped the man, identified as Gineto Callahan, who also waived his Miranda rights and admitted selling an ounce of marijuana to the Wellesley man. Callahan also told police the $200 was inside, the warrant said, but denied there was a “grow” in the house.

Based on what they had learned from the two men, “We decided to secure the home at 47 Prior Drive and apply for a search warrant,” the warrant said. The document shows that a request for the warrant was submitted at 9:19 p.m. Aug. 7 and granted at 11:31 p.m. Police eventually confiscated the marijuana plants, more than $1,500 in cash, marijuana distribution paraphernalia, several licensed guns and ammunition. In the video, one of the officers threatened to shoot one of the family’s dogs after it lunged at and apparently bit him.

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Antoinette Callahan immediately started a campaign to smear the police by showing a video of her out of control dogs trying to bite the cops as they entered with a lawful warrant, prompting him to threaten to shoot the dog if she didn’t get it under control.


As you can hear in the video, she also says the dog is pregnant, because of course she breeds dogs in her apartment too. She used this opportunity to do what every ratchet does when they get caught doing something bad and want to blame it on the police – start a dindu nuffin GoFundMe.

Oh for goodness sake. She’s pushing the “I’m a patriotic American who had muh second amendment rights violated” card, so that way she can win over the anti-police left and the pro-police right at the same time. God bless America!

This is the infamous Gino.

And this may or may not be the Ryan she was initially speaking to on the phone at their recent white trash wedding.

Antoinette is hearby invited onto the Live Show tonight at 9 PM to share her side of the story. Will she show up? Tune in and subscribe to our channel here to find out.


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