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Elizabeth Warren Changing Her Gender Pronouns On Twitter Is Exactly Why I’m Voting For Her In The Primary


Elizabeth Warren decided to edit her Twitter bio earlier this week to remind everyone what her preferred gender pronouns are.

Changing your Twitter bio to your preferred pronouns, even if you’re cisgender, is all the rage with social justice warriors these days. It’s the SJW equivalent of wearing a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat. As soon as I see it, I immediately know everything I need to know about you. Tons of random blue checkmark woke folk are doing it, but it’s completely different when someone who wants to be President does it.

This is perhaps the greatest act of pandering in political history, but it’s hardly surprising. This is what the left does when they try to out-woke each other. This is what happens to a party that refuses to tell the biggest idiots amongst them to sit down and shut up because they are an embarrassment. This is what happens when you start calling more moderate democrats like Joe Biden “racist.” People are afraid to be normal, so they try to stay ahead of the curve, naively believing that this is something that will impress people in Michigan who ultimately get to decide who will be President.

Bill de Blasio immediately kicked himself for not doing it first.

And finally, the guy who promised to ensure that transgender women (who cannot get pregnant) would have a right to a taxpayer funded abortion, one upped both of them.


How dare she assume that all Americans speak English.

This is what has happened to the once great democratic party. This is is what a party looks like when they pander to the 0.004% of the blue checkmark population on Twitter who are actually impressed by this, while ignoring working class people in swing states who Trump has made the focus of his campaigns.

And this is exactly like we are leading the movement of independent voters in Massachusetts (and other states where independents can choose which primary they want to vote in) for Elizabeth Warren. She is the least electable candidate of all time, and the democrats would be insane to nominate her. She has the lowest poll numbers vs. Trump, and it would be the most entertaining campaign season imaginable. I want whoever is most likely to lose to Trump, and she’s the clear winner.

Pocahontas 2020. But just for the primary.


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