Enfield Cops Unable To Shoot Felon Who Crashed Into Police Car Due To Police Reform Law, Former EPD Cop Fired For Drunk Driving Hit And Run Blames Police 


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The Enfield CT Police Department posted this crazy story yesterday about a black guy who had stolen from a store, and while being questioned by police in the parking lot reached for a weapon, knocked two cops down with his car, smashed into another cruiser, and then drove away without a shot being fired.

The videos are wild.

Black lives matter.

The amount of rage I get while watching this video at liberals and every conservative who bowed down to the George Floyd rioters, cannot be quantified. This maniac had no problem trying to use his vehicle to kill cops, so just think what he would do to a civilian who got in his way. Luckily the civilians would be justified in using deadly force, but the cops wouldn’t thanks to BLM. A 2019 bill passed in Connecticut and signed by Governor Ned Lamont prohibits police from using their firearms to stop people like this, especially if they’re not white.

“No police officer engaged in a pursuit shall discharge any firearm into or at a fleeing motor vehicle, unless such officer has a reasonable belief that there is an imminent threat of death to such officer or another person posed by the fleeing motor vehicle or an occupant of such motor vehicle,” the bill says.

The measure also addresses the Wethersfield incident: “No police officer shall intentionally position his or her body in front of a fleeing motor vehicle, unless such action is a tactic approved by the law enforcement unit that employs such police officer.”

Not only can they not fire at a car, they can’t stand in front of it either. So I guess that poor cop who parked her car in front of him technically violated the law here.

That law was created because of this incident in Wethersfield in 2019 in which a suspect who had led police on a dangerous chase and hit a police car was shot and killed while trying to escape.

This is Anthony Vega Cruz, the waste of space who was shot and killed by a heroic officer, who happened to be black.

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He provided nothing of value, and the world is a better place without him. The suspect was pulled over, but didn’t feel like staying there, so he drove into oncoming traffic at a high rate of speed, skidded out, got rammed by the first cop, tried to drive away into oncoming traffic and nearly hit the officer standing in front of him who fired in self defense.

Anyone who watched that video knows that Anthony Vega Cruz deserved what he got. But the BLM mob led by Ben Crump came to town, held protests, and demanded change because Puerto Rican Lives Matter more than black cops. Instead of standing with law and order the democrats who run the Connecticut State Legislature and the democratic governor signed a bill into law preventing police officers from taking out bad guys like this. The party in control of this country right now will always side with the violent criminals in cases like this. Always.

When George Floyd was killed Governor Lamont signed another law that made it harder for police to do their job.

The law institutes a new statewide watchdog for police misconduct, bans “chokeholds” in most instances and puts limits on the ability of police departments to withhold officers’ disciplinary records. It also allows individual officers to be held financially liable in civil suits over their actions.

“These reforms are focused on bringing real change to end the systemic discrimination that exists in our criminal justice and policing systems that have impacted minority communities for far too long,” Lamont said in a news release.

“Ultimately, what we are enacting today are policies focused on providing additional safeguards to protect peoples’ lives and make our communities stronger.”

The Connecticut law creates an independent Office of the Inspector General at the state level to investigate all uses of deadly force by police in the state.

One of the most heavily debated sections of the law is a blow to “qualified immunity,” the idea that government officials are protected from civil suits while performing the functions of their job. 

So this new law was signed because a bad cop in Minnesota killed someone who happened to be black, and therefore cops in Connecticut can now be sued personally if they shoot a bad guy because qualified immunity is bad. Cops will now think twice before protecting the community from dangerous criminals because they’ll have to go in front of the Inspector General and explain themselves if they do, which incentivizes them to just let people like this get away because it’s not worth the bullshit. We have “stronger communities” when black guys can run over police officers and smash into cars without getting shot.

Keep voting for democrats and this is the world you will get.

Anyway, in the comments a gentleman by the name of Timothy Vergean voiced his criticism of the way Enfield Police handled that situation.

Oh good, the guy who licks envelopes at the post office has chimed in on his thoughts regarding police tactics.

Here’s the thing though – Tim Verdean used to be an Enfield cop before he was fired in 2005 for drinking and driving during a hit and run.

An Enfield police officer who hit a parked car with his pickup truck while off duty in 2005 and left the scene, later admitted to his superiors that he drank 10 beers before the accident, according to recently released documents. The officer, Timothy Vergean, also admitted that he brought two more beers with him when he left his house for the late-night drive during which the accident occurred. Moreover, Vergean admitted that when he returned to his Enfield home after the accident, he drank “a couple of beers and a shot” and “started to wipe down the front of the truck.”

The transcript of an interview between Vergean and two internal affairs investigators quotes the officer as saying he realized as he wiped down his truck after returning to Enfield that the accident “wasn’t just a little fender bender.” Vergean said he then drove back to the area in Windsor where it had occurred and parked on Brewster Road, around the corner from the accident scene on Overlook Drive. He said he walked toward the scene to get a look at the damage.

“I saw that there were two Windsor cruisers around it, and I knew that I was caught,” Vergean said in the recorded interview.

But he didn’t turn himself in at that point. He said he ran into the woods, where he stayed for “a little while,” then came out, saw an Enfield police cruiser by his truck, and “walked behind houses, walked towards Enfield.”

Oops! Glad to see the drunken idiot who crashed into a parked car while shitfaced, fled the scene, and then continued drinking when he got home, has thoughts on how law abiding police officers handled a life or death situation. Maybe if you have Google trophies like this you should stay off the Enfield Police Facebook page altogether. Just a thought.


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