Enfield Photographer Tries To Profit Off Of The Death Of Kobe Bryant By Offering Discount Packages For Wearing Purple Or Yellow


Everyone handles grief differently. In the wake of the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven other people on a helicopter on Sunday, an Enfield, CT woman named Vienna Groom wants you to process your grief by paying her to take your picture.

Just to be clear, you should give her your money to take your picture because of one of the following reasons:

  1. You’re very sad that a stranger died 3,000 miles away and the only way to cure your sadness is to have a stranger take pictures of you
  2. You feel bad for the photographer because she doesn’t take care of her cats and has a schizophrenic brother

Profiting off of the death of a celebrity. Interesting marketing strategy.

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Some people pointed out that this was probably in bad taste, which inadvertently got Vienna’s real colors to come out.

According to her it’s OK because she’s only making $35 a shoot.

Plus, people do remixes from dead musicians’s music, which she seems to think is analogous to the scheme she’s trying to pull off here.

Sure, those musicians pay royalties, but we’ll just ignore that part. She’s arbitrarily decided that $35 is an OK amount to profit off of the death of Kobe Bryant, because “we’re all grieving.”

No. Just no. You are not grieving, and neither is anyone else. I liked Kobe, and I feel awful about what he and his daughter went through in their final moments, but we are not grieving.

Here’s a pro-tip – don’t quit your day job to open your own photography business if you’re dependent upon an Enfield Facebook group to drum up business.

Also, don’t post about how you don’t like when other people’s autistic crotch fruits invade your children’s personal space at the pool.

So yea, if you’re down in the dumps about Kobe Bryant dying and would like to piss away some money to make yourself feel better, call up my girl Olivia so she can take some pictures and make all your pain go away.

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