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Enfield Police Officer Hospitalized After Being Hit With Liquor Bottle During Facebook Live Stream On Suicide Call At Package Store, Store Owner Blames Police


Fox 61 News reported on Friday about an incident that occurred at Good Times Package Store in Enfield, after police responded to a call for a man threatening to commit suicide. According to media reports when the police arrived they escalated the situation and began to tussle with the suicidal man and his friends, destroying thousands of dollars worth of liquor in the process.

This is Good Times package store owner Lou Blow.

Here’s what he had to say about what happened.

“brutally being dragged into the back of a cop car, screaming for his mother.”

“I’m holding back tears, my business is destroyed for no good reason.”

Poor little pubestashio. I hope he doesn’t cry, and I hope that the poor criminal who trashed his store wasn’t uncomfortable while resisting arrest.

Notice that he also blamed the police, and only the police, for the damage caused to his store. This led to a lot of anti-police hysteria in Enfield Facebook groups with many blaming the police for being incompetent and needlessly escalating. There’s a lot of that sort of rhetoric being pushed these days.

Except Lou Blow forgot to point out that, a) the cops were attacked first, b) the cops were being provoked on a Facebook live stream, c) the guys who were all arrested are his friends, and d) a cop was severely injured when one of these chia pet dingos threw an unopened bottle of liquor. Here’s what really happened.


It started when this chinstrapped waste of space Jeremy Layne said he was going to kill himself and failed to go through with it.

Cops showed up to potentially save his life despite the fact that he wears flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats, and thus has a 0.0% chance of ever being a contributing member of society. Shockingly he has many Google trophies, including a 2016 arrest for beating the shit out of a guy and robbing him for $250 with his crack buddy.

But instead of letting the cops do their job, Jeremy’s friends decided to interfere, including Michael Shanley

Adam Brunetti

And Mark Keys.

The only one of the four unable to grow a neckbeard (Shanley) live streamed the whole thing. Here’s how they were treating the police officers who were trying to save the life of their suicidal friend, who I would love to set up for a date with my good friend Michelle Carter.

“You guys are pieces of s***. Eat a d**k fa**ot. Eat a d*** you little b****. F***ing fa**ot. You fucking fa**ot. Eat a d**k you little b****. F*** you too fa**ot, get the f*** out of here. You ni**as did everything illegal as f***.”

Hardest dudes in Enfield CT right there. He once took a day trip to Hartford so he gets to say the n word now. That’s how it works, right?

You may be wondering while you were watching that why all four of the perps were behind the register if they were just customers. The answer is that they’re the owner Lou Blow’s good friends. Here they are in their natural wangsta environment.

Flat brimmed Bulls hats, oversized tees, chin straps, jorts, counting all the money they made selling subpar weed to high school kids. That is what living the good life looks like in Enfield.

Maybe the news should speak to the police next time instead of taking the word of a loser who happens to own a ghetto liquor store where oxycodone is coincidentally stashed and cops are not welcome. Then again, that’s not the narrative the MSM is trying to push with law enforcement these days.


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