Everett Co-Parent Leads Movement To Keep Kids Home From School After Student Writes “School Shooting Friday” And Posts To Snapchat 


Everett High School is going to have some missing students today thanks to a post that’s been making the rounds on Facebook. I discussed this at length on last night’s Live show and podcast. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you get this content before everyone else.



Here’s how it began.

The first red flag is the fact that he refers to himself as a “co-parent.” Has any father in the history of parenthood ever used the word co-parent as a pronoun?

The second red flag is the fact that it’s an ALL CAPS sentagraph. If you can’t be bothered to attempt to communicate in something resembling English it’s very hard to take you seriously.

The third red flag is that co-Dad seems to think that words on a bathroom stall comprise a legitimate reason for his child to miss a day of school. Some kid probably wrote that while he was defecating because that’s what kids have done on bathroom stalls since the beginning of time.

But because of Snapface kids can now amplify and overreact to harmless words written on a bathroom stall that were designed to get a rise out of people. It’s up to the adults to be the rational and sane ones, which Angelo has failed to do miserably.

Never in the history of school shootings has the shooter announced their intentions on a bathroom stall door. If they want to kill your kid in school, then they’re going do it, and they’re not going give you a heads up first.

And no, school shootings are not an epidemic. Your child has a better chance of getting killed by a pack of coyotes than they do getting murdered in a school shooting.

Angelo also feels the need to constantly point out that his child is autistic.

Maybe she is, but it has nothing to do with the words on the bathroom stall door. By constantly starting off every sentence with “my autistic daughter,” he’s victimizing her.

Anyway, he’s a real tough guy because of that one time the bully on the bus stole her Game Boy and he gave the bus driver a piece of his mind. Nobody messes with Angelo from Everett.


One kid tried to back when he was in school, but it didn’t end well for that guy.

Luckily Ma Dukes was there to save the poor bully’s life.

His post was shared a lot in the community, and I’m sure the Everett Police were contacted because the Chief felt the need to issue a press release about it.

“Not credible.”

If you’ll recall in the original post, Angelo said that his daughter wasn’t going to school until “parents are assured by Everett Police that r children r safe.”

Well, now that they’ve been assured has Angelo changed his mind about sending her to school?

Of course not. Because Angelo is irresponsible and loves attention.

According to him when kids scribble words on the bathroom stall door, it’s basically Gospel. Everything written in high school bathrooms ends up happening. Like that time in high school Miguel had sex with Bobby J’s Mom. It said so on the bathroom stall door, so it must be true.

Didn’t matter to Angelo though. He don’t take no chances.

He don’t see no taylor either.

Out here looking like a homeless white Doc Rivers. Save some poon-tang for the rest of us man.

Angelo not only was adamant about keeping his child home from school today, he looked down on others who chose not to follow his lead.

If your kid writes anything like you do Angelo, the last thing they need to do is miss a day of school. Just sayin.

The madness of this all is that a bunch of adults were letting their kids skip school because of bunch of other teenagers were writing dumb things on Snapface.

It’s even spread to Cambridge and Somerville too.

If there’s a school shooting in Everett tomorrow Angelo is going to look like a mad genius and boy will my face be red. If there isn’t, then he’s contributing to the delinquency of a minor and every kid who wants to skip school is going to post something like this on Snapface in the future.



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