Ex-Con Disbarred Attorney On Melrose School Committee Kicks Parent Out Of Meeting For Pulling Mask Down To Speak Out Against Mask Mandates


This is Ed O’Connell, a School Committee member from Melrose.

Ed is a former attorney and ex-con who was disbarred and sentenced to prison in 2003 for stealing more than $1.5 million from his clients. This didn’t stop him from running for School Committee in 2013 though.

But Ed is a liberal who subscribes to woke ideology so he’s a good person now.

Last night Melrose had a School Committee meeting where they were debating whether or not to force kids to continue to wear masks in school now that the state isn’t making them. At the 45 minute mark a parent named Michelle Thomas got up to speak truth to power and voice her opposition to the continued abuse of children via forced masking. Since Charlie Baker lifted the mask mandate she chose not to wear a mask which caused Ed O’Connell and the other members to lose their minds at the 45 minute mark.

“I know this is a game for Miss Thomas! Put your mask on or step away from the table!! Please put the mask up over your nose or step away! 

No moron, this is a game for YOU. No rational adult thinks the napkin covering the faces of these people prevents the spread of COVID. Wearing a mask is an act of theater, and even if it is a rule you’re free to ignore it. But you want her to put it on because this is a game to you. It also looks ridiculous to wear a mask while speaking out against masking.

This was what they found unacceptable.

As you can, she had a mask on. But it wasn’t good enough for them because it didn’t cover her nose. You also couldn’t hear a word she was saying so she lowered it like Jen Psaki and every other person in front of a microphone does.

Ed almost blew a gasket and went on to treat her like a child.

Michelle: “Please don’t yell at me.”

Ed: “It’s the only way you’ll listen apparently.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa – easy with the mansplaining there Louie Larceny! Out of the two of you there’s only one person who ever admitted to stealing over $1 million out of pure greed and now thinks he has some sort of moral high ground because he met with his parole officer and hasn’t broken the law since.

Notice that no one could answer her question:

“Is COVID more contagious in this building?”

Because we are being governed by children who don’t know the first thing about science, and will blindly go along with any rule no matter how nonsensical it is. Just look how stupid they all look:

This is what happens when free thinking is frowned upon in society. Michelle Thomas is our hero of the day for refusing to play along and pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. If you wear a mask anywhere at this point you’re acknowledging that these sort of rules are legitimate. They’re not. Be like Michelle.


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