Poor Behavior

Executive Director Of Rhode Island Democratic Party Brags About Sending Son To School In Dress 


This is Emily Howe, the Executive Director for the Rhode Island Democratic Party.

She’s married with 3 kids, including a young boy who appears to be close to kindergarten age and she’s deciding what school to send him to next year. Apparently kids that young can shadow other kids for a day to see if they like it, and this is how she sent him off to do that:

“We told him to pick out whatever he wanted and he asked if he could wear a beautiful dress. We said sure.”

Translation – you laid out 3-4 or dresses and told him to pick his favorite. Then you posted about it on social media because what’s the point of grooming kids sexually if you can’t virtue signal about it on social media? Her soon choosing to wear a dress instead of normal boy clothing is about as real as this story:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s not a coincidence that “transgender kids” always have one thing in common – liberal activist parents. You will never, ever see a “transgender kid” raised by a normal family. This kid didn’t just decide to wear a dress to school, his mother encouraged him to. Having a transgender kid is all the rage in her social circles these days and she didn’t wanna feel left out.

This is child abuse. Normally when we think of abuse we imagine some trashy crackhead parent chaining their kid to a radiator or smacking them in the face for talking too loudly while Mom watches reruns of Teen Mom. But child abuse can be mental as well, and the harm that people like Emily Howe are doing to children will take decades for them to overcome.

I have a son his age, and like her son he has an older sister. Sometimes when he’s the only boy around and his sister and friends put on princess dresses he does too, because he doesn’t wanna be left out. But if he told us he wanted to wear one to school (he wouldn’t, of course) then we would tell him no. Because that’s what responsible adults do – set limitations on their children.

There is nothing wrong with her son. He is a healthy and happy boy, and that’s a great thing. But he won’t be for long. Make no mistake about it – this poor young kid will be “transgender” any day now. But only because his mother put it in his head that he might be a girl, and then encouraged him to pursue being something he can never, ever become. Imagine wanting to be a woman but knowing deep down inside that you will never be one? This is why suicidality is higher in transgender people – they’re suffering from a mental health disorder and can never truly be happy. So the only joy they can get is the joy of forcing institutions to force other people to use their made up pronouns and pretend they’re something they’re not.

Where is Dad?

This is when a real man steps in and says, “you’re not going to hurt our son like that.” But liberal men like this have been conditioned to believe that being weak and getting walked on by their spouse makes them one of the “good men.” He’s rejecting the patriarchy by allowing his wife to abuse their son.

Anyway, this woman isn’t just some raging communist who got featured on Libs of Tik Tok. She’s a mainstream Democrat pushing the mainstream Democratic believe that it’s healthy to let children this young pick and choose their own gender. If you vote for Democrats you are supporting this.


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