Exposing Chef Mike Fucci Part 2 – Admits He Never Had Cancer, Says It Was Miscommunication With Doctor


Yesterday we published a story about a chef named Mike Fucci who raised over $16K with a GoFundMe by telling a questionable story about having cancer. He said he was going to Florida to get holistic therapy, despite having very serious stage 3 stomach cancer, along with access to world class treatment at Boston hospitals that would be paid for with his health insurance. When we asked him to tell us who the name of the doctor treating him in Florida would be he outright refused. When the family friend who started the GoFundMe for him asked him he refused to tell her too.

Since the blog was published we’ve heard from over 20 people who have been personally affected by this man, as it appears we’ve only scraped the surface with this scammer. We’ll be publishing more about the long trail of destruction he’s left behind later in the week. We’ll also be breaking it all down on the Live Show Saturday night at 9 PM, so click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

But for now we had heard rumors that Mike was checking himself into a hospital because he’s suicidal. Although I certainly don’t want him to hurt himself, this is a common move of the narcissist when backed into a corner. They only know how to victimize themselves, and refuse to take any sort of accountability.

It turns out we were right. Mike wasn’t in the hospital, he was just telling people he planned on going so they’d feel bad for him. The woman who started the GoFundMe, before returning all the money, reached out to him to see how he was doing, and he ended up confessing to not having cancer. Except he never really confessed to lying, and instead said it was all just a big misunderstanding.

“I heard what I heard from the doctors and believed what I heard to be true.”

What a lying bag of shit. He can’t admit he made it up, so his new lie is that he misheard the doctor diagnosing him with stage 3 cancer.

So this was obviously just a delay tactic. He had to tell her he was checking into a hospital so he could have a reason not to answer his phone while he hoped this whole got swept away in the news cycle.

He said that the things that fool (me) wrote about him “were true,” (despite previously saying in the texts that everything I said was false) but he never took anything from anyone, because when he stole money it was “just business,” and he always made things right.

It’s not “just business” to take a $15K deposit to cater a couple’s wedding and then not show up on the wedding day. And you didn’t “make things right” on your own. They took you to court and you hired an attorney to oppose them. They won anyway.

And the public only got Turtleboy’s side? We gave you a chance to talk Mike. You asked ME to give you money instead.

You could’ve cleared this up, but you didn’t because you couldn’t, because you don’t have cancer.

Narcissists always love bomb to make their victims think that they have human emotions, which is what he did next, as he explained why he wasn’t actually lying about not having cancer.

Imagine thinking anyone would believe that lie? It’s CANCER! You don’t misunderstand being diagnosed with cancer. This is so insulting to anyone who has been told by a doctor that they have cancer. You’re in a state of shock. You ask if they’re sure. They show you the results. They console you. They immediately put you on a plan to receive treatment. This douchebag said he met with his doctor multiple times after being diagnosed, and then met with doctors at Dana Farber. He said that he initially went through a state of denial that he had cancer, which means that he didn’t accept the initial diagnosis and the doctors reassured him that he did before finally accepting it.

He said that after being diagnosed with cancer he didn’t believe it and was going to get a second opinion.

He said that all of doctors from Dana Farber agreed that what was best for him was to seek holistic therapy in Florida.

He said he had a TEAM!

That’s obviously not a misunderstanding.

While admitting that he never had cancer he adamantly stuck to the lie that he never lied.

“I did not lie or screw anyone.”

Yes, you did. You got all these nice people to shell out all this money for you because they thought your life was in danger. Melissa George is a CO who lost her job because she refused to get Trump’s worthless COVID vaccine.

She lost her job and still gave him $100. He didn’t feel at all bad about accepting it because he’s a selfish piece of shit who has never once thought about anyone not named Chef Mike.

Mike, the woman you’re continuing to lie to had her name on the GoFundMe, and instead of apologizing to her for lying about something that could affect her reputation as well, you’re spitting in her face by continuing to lie to her. Doing so insults her intelligence. Be a man and admit what you did. It will at least make you look human. Instead he literally pulled a Costanza and said it wasn’t a lie because he believed it to be true.

“I understand YOU’RE upset.”

“Sorry YOU feel that way.”

Another narcissistic move. She’s the irrational one here, not him. Her feelings are the problem, not his behavior.

Mike says this was all a big misunderstanding because the doctor told him he had something that he thought was cancer, but as it turns out he just misheard him. Except Mike’s own words repeatedly prove that is a lie. Let me refer you to the video you made Mike.

3:10 – “I also met with my primary, I also met with the people over at Dana over at the cancer center in Newton.”

4:55 – “Here’s what the doctors say, this is right from the people at Dana.”

15:00 – “Sends me for a scan, finds it in the stomach. Sends me for endoscopy, biopsy, the whole 9. Came back as a stage 2 cancer. But the folks at Dana said nah, that’s stage 3. I think it was a borderline thing, but could go either way.”

16:15 – “Dana recommended me do aggressive radiation, then remove 40% of my stomach, so this tumor’s a pain in the ass. When it comes back it’s gonna come back more aggressive.”

You said they FOUND CANCER in your stomach! You said that doctors disagreed on what stage cancer it was, but that it was in fact cancer. You said that it was so bad that they recommended aggressive radiation that would remove 40% of your stomach. Now it’s just a “misunderstanding.”

Think about what a psychopath you have to be to do something like this. First he realized that he needed money and had to come up with a scam. He couldn’t swindle people anymore because he lost too many court judgments so he figured he’d try a GoFundMe scam. He picked cancer because he knew it was the least likely thing anyone would question. He researched various forms of cancer to figure out which one sounded the worst. He found out survival percentages and likelihood of remission to make his story sound more believable. He then made up an elaborate lie about getting tests, seeing multiple doctors, and losing weight. He couldn’t start his own fundraiser so he dry begged on Facebook until a family friend made one for him. He then pretended like he was embarrassed to ask for donations so people would be more inclined to donate to him.

But as bad as this was, it gets much, much worse. Stay tuned for Part 3.

P.S. What I hate about this man more than anything is that he suggested I might be lying about my mother having cancer.

As horrible as he is, I hope he never has to go through what she did, and what our family did. He’s not strong enough.


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