Exposing Chef Mike Fucci Part 3 – Abandoned Child, Lies About Being Raped, Refuses To Pay Child Support, Pretends To Be Wife


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Chef Mike Fucci said yesterday in Part 2 that he was checking himself into a hospital for mental health treatment after admitting that he had never had cancer, as we suggested he didn’t in Part 1. He also posted this in a Needham Facebook group prior to shutting down his accounts.

As usual, nothing is his fault. He’s blaming a disgruntled employee for this story, and although we have talked to several of them after the fact, none of them were our original source. Many people, including myself, questioned his cancer diagnosis because his story made no sense. I did not “harass” the woman who started the GoFundMe campaign. If anything I befriended her, and she was shocked and disgusted by what her now former friend did to her by lying about having cancer.

I also never demanded Mike’s medical records. I simply asked him if he could give the name of the doctor who was supposedly treating his cancer with holistic therapy in Florida. He refused to. Had he done so I never would’ve written the story because there would’ve been nothing to write about. The GoFundMe was shut down by his now former friend, not by him as he is pretending it was.

But as it turns out the fake cancer GoFundMe wasn’t even the least offensive thing Mike has done to screw people over. In 2018 Mike had an affair with a Lynnfield woman he knew from high school, but told the woman he was divorced. He said he was in love with this new woman and wanted to have a child with her, even though she was 42 years old. He told her that he was praying they would have a baby and she miraculously became pregnant.

But as it turns out Mike had no intention of sticking around and fathering the child because he had no intention of leaving his wife, Jennifer Fucci. In a recent probate court filing Mike was held in contempt for owing $6,600 in child support for the son he has never met, after failing to pay the $200 weekly payments.

Mike does not own property like he says he does. He lives with at a home in Newton owned by his wife’s parents. Despite the baby being his idea, Mike denied being the father initially, so the woman wanted him to take a paternity test. According to court filings, he was so adamant on having the baby that he choked her when she didn’t consult him on the baby’s godfather, leading to an order being issued against him.

Chef Mike went to every doctor’s appointment, attended the baby shower, and posed for pictures holding the shower cake and kissing her belly.

His wife had no idea any of this was going on. Mike went to find furniture for the house he said he was going to buy, and even tried to convince the woman’s mother to quit her job and become their nanny. He told the woman’s nieces and nephews that they would each have their own room in the big home he was purchasing, told her father that he could store his Mercedes in one of his three car garages, and detailed his renovation plans.

Mike told the woman he was getting divorced because his house keeper at his $1.4 million home caught her cheating on him. He said that he was giving his ex-wife the house he owned and wasn’t worried about it because he was a famous TV chef worth $28 million. And why wouldn’t she believe him? He had a close relationship with WCVB reporter Maria Stephanos, who gave him constant free publicity. She called him one of the nicest guys to walk the planet, and appeared to be some sort of TV celebrity who won reality TV cooking shows.



He told the woman that he was closing on a $1.78 million 7,400 square foot home at 1 Ashley Court in Lynnfield, which they would move into 2 weeks before the baby was due. He told her he had suffered 3 heart attacks and was committed to several hospitals due to the stress from his soon to be ex-wife.

But none of this was true.

Mike was never in the hospital for a heart attack, just like he never had cancer. The woman contacted the hospitals he claimed to have been at, but when they said he was not a patient there he told her it was because famous celebrities like him have to use an alias due to their notoriety.

After ending their relationship Fucci attempted to keep her away from him by weaponizing the courts and filing for a harassment prevention order. He scheduled the hearing for January 14, the day she was due to give birth. She went in to labor that day and gave birth on the morning of January 15, 2019. The order was granted against her by default.

Mike was not allowed in the hospital because several nurses heard him speaking to her in an abusive manner. While she was in labor on January 14 Mike either pretended to be a Newton Police Officer, or had a friend pretend to be, and called the hospital and alleged that threats were being made against the woman. As a result they did not allow access to any family members to see the baby, including her parents.

Mike had not filed for divorce in MIddlesex Probate Court, and the home in Lynnfield wasn’t even for sale. He told the woman that the deal fell through because he was “scammed by a realtor.”

Chef Mike has a lie for everything, and it’s always someone else’s fault.

But wait, it gets worse.

Mike ended their relationship, abandoned the baby, and has never made any attempt to meet his son. He dismisses her by telling people that she’s a crazy drug addict who RAPED HIM! A month after the baby was born he sent her a Valentine’s Day card, which he pretended was from his wife, saying how excited she was about the baby. His wife is aware that Mike had an illegitimate child, but seems to believe that Mike was raped by her, which is what he has been telling everyone.

Mike was using the court order that he obtained by default because the mother of his child was in labor, to keep her silent about his child. He didn’t need her interfering with the image he was creating as a legitimate business owner. But she fought the order and won after giving birth, and the judge noted that he had “serious issues of credibility” when he testified that he had no relationship with her. A month later the paternity tests came back proving he was the father.

The judge ordered that she would have sole physical custody of their now 4 year old child, which he did not contest because he had no desire to raise the human being he chose to create. He was ordered to pay $200 weekly child support payments.

In response Fucci filed a motion asking that the mother of the child he abandoned, who would have to raise her son by herself as a result of his lies, be forced to take weekly drug tests because of her alleged history of opiate addiction. He also asked to lower the monthly child support payments to $50.

The child was not born addicted to opiates, and he wouldn’t know if he was because he has nothing to do with the child by choice. This was just typical Chef Mike, smearing yet another person who attempted to hold him accountable for his behavior.

His reasoning for wanting to lower the child support payments was that he had just opened his restaurant and it wasn’t profitable.

In fairness, this happened during COVID. However, despite having several employees Mike didn’t bother applying for a PPP loan. The man who has no problem scamming friends and family by pretending to have cancer didn’t apply for free government handouts that everyone was getting? I’m not sure why he didn’t, but I’m willing to bet that something would’ve come up if he applied that the he didn’t want the government to see.

Mike did try to use the COVID mandates to get attention and money other ways though. He was a guest on the Gerry Callahan podcast in late 2020, presenting himself as a business owner being screwed over by Governor Baker.

He kissed Dave Portnoy’s ass when he found out the Barstool Sports founder was giving out money left and right to local businesses without doing any research.

He even claimed that Dave Portnoy gave him money after Dave REACHED OUT TO HIM, not vice versa.

Ya got that? He doesn’t reach out to celebrities, they reach out to him!

In reality it’s quite likely that Dave never gave him a penny and has no idea who Chef Mike is. Could you imagine this guy NOT bragging to the world about his close relationship with yet another celebrity who had given him money during the pandemic?

Chef Mike said he only should be asked to pay $25 a week due to the pandemic, but since he was such a good guy he was willing to pay $50 a week.

Mike had to submit his accounting as evidence to show he wasn’t making any money. According to the documents provided he had already lost $20K.


But the woman claimed that these documents were also fraudulent, alleging that he was reporting personal purchases on car, phone, and credit card bills, as business expenses, in order to hide income.


His wife Jennifer and her parents are either the stupidest people on earth, or complicit in his crimes. The woman has reached out to all of them, alerting them that Mike has a son he’s not taking care of or paying to raise. They’ve dismissed her as a drug addicted lunatic, because that’s what Mike has told them.

But that’s not a valid excuse. If someone comes to you with a story like that it is your duty to look into it. They’re ignoring this woman because they don’t want to find out the truth, and it’s easier to pretend she doesn’t exist.

Jennifer Fucci reached out to the sister of the woman who started the GoFundMe for him and asked them to update the GFM, saying that he would no longer be getting cancer treatment. She dismissed the factual reporting about her husband as the work of trolls, and claims that his lawyers are on it.

She either knows he’s lying about the “miscommunication” with his doctor who he thought told him had cancer, or she’s helping him lie. Either way, she’s complicit and is just as bad as he is.

Chef Mike also has ANOTHER girlfriend that his wife doesn’t know about, who also reached out to us. She dumped him 3 weeks ago after discovering that she was being lied to as well. She was the person in the video he made who allegedly told him “who cares” when finding out about his fake cancer. He used that as a way to try to guilt her into not leaving him! Yesterday that woman received a text message from what she believes is Mike, pretending to be his wife Jennifer. “She” claimed to be his ex-wife, which Jennifer never would, and said that he had been contacted by Mike’s baby momma. Mike referred to the mother of his child as psychotic, while pretending to be his wife, and bragged about what a good guy he was.

I’ll have more on that relationship in part 4, because it’s crazy too. But clearly those messages are from Mike Fucci, who’s plan seems to be to lie his way out of the mess he created.

Jennifer, if you’re reading this, I’m giving you a chance to do the right thing. There is no reason you need to go down with your husband, and he is going down. He is one of the most vile, disgusting people I’ve ever profiled, and I write about Fall River a lot. You are standing by a man with no money and no job, who lies about everything, and has been cheating on you and impregnating women behind your back. He is actively hurting a 4 year old boy who is growing up without a father or any sort of financial support. Standing by him makes you just as worthless as him, so I’m giving you a chance to reach out to me and protect yourself. There is no reason you and your parents (because they will be included too since you live with them) need to have your good names dragged through the mud. He is only able to do what he does because he has the support of you and your parents.

If Jennifer, or anyone else who has ever dealt with Mike Fucci would like to contact me with more information, I can be reached on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or by emailing [email protected].


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