Exposing Erik Hutchinson Part 2: Shady Failed Business Owner Burns Everyone He Encounters, Forgets To Mention Who Really Designed For AmeraVape, Puts His Ex-Wives And Children Through Hell

Over the weekend we published the first installment in the Erik Hutchinson saga, a San Diego native whom contacted us in an attempt to garner support for his smear campaign against the Lynnfield PD after his relationship with Christina Tstatsis soured and he accused her of stealing some expense camera equipment.


Which, as it turns out, is not even his camera equipment. It’s actually his ex wife’s, and by court order he owes it back to her, along with $10,000 and two-and-a-half years worth of child support.


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He left that part out while trying to get us to trash the Lynnfield PD. Whoops.

Erik and his alter ego “David Grint” really wanted us to know that he’s a super successful, world famous vape manufacturer – as if that’s anything to brag about, anyway. But as we’ve already touched upon – he’s really not. Every business venture he’s attempted has failed decisively, in a matter of months. It gets worse, though. According to multiple court filings we’ve uncovered, Erik defrauds everyone he comes in contact with, is sued, and loses. He currently has a ton of civil judgements against him, in excess of half a million dollars. In addition to the copyright infringement complaint filed by AmeriVape against Hutchinson and partner, Hutchinson was sued by a machinist who he approached to do business with, then promptly ripped off. You can read the whole complaint here:

mcclain full complaint


But the TL:DR is – Erik made an agreement to purchase at least 3,000 units per month from Pacific CNC Machine Co., Inc.,and to pay approximately $50.00 per unit, plus cover all costs for materials, in three payments: the first payment for costs of materials was to be paid up front, and the last two payments for the remaining balance of the units would be paid one-half (50%) on delivery and the other one-half (50%) to be paid thirty (30) days after delivery. He initially paid a down payment of $30,212.50 on a $86,925.67 invoice,


A month later, the company fulfilled his order, and sent out an invoice for the remaining balance. Erik then entered their machine shop, took 1,653 units and additional parts, and didn’t pay them a dime more. Within weeks he dissolved Ameravape, and told the machine company he lost the units he had taken, didn’t know where they were, and Pacific would never see them again. He then proceeds to start another company up, “Ameramatic Vtech, LLC” and sell the stole units at prices as high as $269.95 per unit, under the same trade name, with the same logos.


Pacific Machine Company has yet to see a dime.Eric shortly thereafter closed down Ameramatic Vtech “due to lawsuits”,


And then started funneling all of the money over to a new company, allegedly owned by his sister Lindsay Hunzinker, called Avid Lyfe.

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Those accounts were drained to negative, while a new business popped up that Hutchinson claimed to be owned by his sister. Well, at least in court he did, anyway. Not really anywhere else.

But the most interesting part of this complaint, to me, were the job descriptions outlined for Hutchinson and his partners at AmeraVape. Erik purports himself to be an innovative creator of popular vape mod units, like the one shown above, the “Manhattan”. It’s his big claim to fame, apparently.


But that’s strange, because his name isn’t “Jesse McClain”, and  “outside sales” don’t carry a design or manufacturing component, generally speaking.


I suppose when you’re the face of the operation, you can sell any narrative you like. That appears to be what Erik did.

Additionally, Erik’s former business partner, Kyle Kruger sued him for allegedly defrauding him out of his shares of the businesses:


And by another company contracted by Hutchinson who also didn’t get paid per their agreement:


In fact, it would appear that Erik doesn’t pay anyone for anything he agrees to, ever.


Fraud and deception are just a small portion of Erik’s criminal resume, though. He’s also got larceny, like the time he was caught breaking into an elementary school in an attempt to steal computers:


And according to the court transcripts from one of his two highly contentious custody cases, he’s got a DUI and battery thrown in there, too.


Then there are the reports stemming from these custody cases, which get pretty disturbing. This screenshot from Erik’s Instagram account pretty much sums up his feelings on family court, because they expect pesky things of him, like psychological evaluations, paying child support, and following court orders.


Seems reasonable. Erik has done delightful things in the context of his custody case, such as kidnapping his own child and refusing to give her back until he was threatened with prosecution:



Illegally recording everyone he came into contact with:


And attempting to manipulate the police into interfering with his custody case after attempting to have the mother of his child charged with a non-existent crime.



By all appearances, this man has never done anything legitimate in his life. He’s a menace to everyone he encounters with little-to-no exception. And judging from the circumstances surrounding his extended vacation here in Massachusetts – I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but….


I actually might feel a little bad for Christina.

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