Facebook And Twitter Won’t Let You Share The New York Post Hunter Biden Story So Here It Is In Its Entirety


Yesterday Facebook and Twitter made it more obvious than they already have that they exist to do one thing – make sure Donald Trump loses in November. Of course I’ve known this for years because I literally invented tech censorship, and have been banned from Twitter and Facebook long before it was cool. Read my book, in which the central thesis is that censorship, including tech censorship, is the biggest threat to democracy we’ve ever seen. Twitter and Facebook are the modern day public square, and the public square is the most important aspect of a democratic society. If we can’t exchange ideas and information, and debate and scrutinize these topics openly, then we no longer have a democracy.

Now it’s starting to happen to mainstream conservatives three weeks before the election and they’re finally figuring it out. Yesterday this was made plainly obvious when the New York Post published a sensational story about Hunter Biden’s emails and sex and debauchery images, which were discovered on a computer he basically discarded. The emails reveal a lot of very damaging information about Joe Biden’s knowledge of his crackhead son’s involvement with a foreign company that paid him a lot of money to be a crackhead, so that they could have influence with the former Vice President.

But the story here isn’t the emails or really anything in the story itself. The story is that Facebook and Twitter have both banned it on their platforms. They’re saying it’s because the computer was hacked, and it contained personal and private information.

Except when you leave your computer behind at a repair shop and forget to pick it up because you’re covered in stripper juices and crack dust, that’s not hacking. It’s finders keepers. Never mind the fact that in the last 2 weeks stories have been shared on Facebook about Trump’s taxes (which were clearly obtained illegally), and a wiretapped conversation with Melania Trump. But I’m sure Bret Kavanaugh and Police Departments everywhere are very excited to hear that Twitter is no longer allowing people to blindly share information that hasn’t been fact checked by Politico yet.

Anyway, you literally cannot share the article in any way on Twitter or Facebook. And because I’m completely against censorship I’m gonna publish the entire story here and share it on Twitter and Facebook just because I’m against censorship, and I’m even more against unenforceable rules.





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