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Failed Heavy Metal Pop Star Turned Democratic Social Media Manager Mocks Victims Of Waukesha Terrorist Attack, Says It’s Karma For Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict


This is Mary Lemanski, social media director for the DuPage Democratic Central Committee outside of Chicago.

She’s a failed pop star, and former lead singer of Mary and the Immaculate Rejections.

Her music is literally cancer.

Obviously that career didn’t work out, so Brittany Arrears transitioned to her new career in politics, lobbying for the music industry.

She ran for town clerk recently and it went about as well as her music career, despite being described as a “difference maker,” by the Dupage County Dems.

During the pandemic she tried her hand at acting, but that also didn’t go well.


I downloaded all these posts and videos from her Facebook page earlier today because I figured they would be taken down after she went on Twitter yesterday and decided to mock the deaths of 5 people at the Waukesha black supremacy terrorist incident, and compare it to the Kyle Rittenhouse self defense trial.


Don’t be surprised that she would post something like this and think nothing of it. This is just the world the communists are living in now. It’s a completely different reality devoid of facts, where innocent people get killed by black supremacists in order to punish them for the completely justified acquittal of a white defendant who killed 2 white criminals in self defense.

Speaking of self defense, she was all about promoting self defense in her 2018 hit “Grab em by the pussy self defense.”

Yes, that’s a real song. This woman was hired by a Democratic political entity to run their social media accounts and got 47% of the vote for county clerk. If you put a D next to any persons name they will vote for it. Just ask the President.

Fox News publicly shamed her but instead of deleting or apologizing she doubled and tripled down. First she said she was going to sue Fox for reporting on her tweets.

“I own my words.”

Except she was immediately condemned by her own party and within hours had deleted all her social media.

But prior to doing that she did what these people always do whenever they get called out for saying something horrible online and get backlash for it – cry about death threats and call the FBI.

At this point I think it’s fair to assume she could get a job at the FBI.

It’s not her fault though, she gave her cousin a blowjob on the playground when she was 2 years old.

Sure you did.

Oh, and good news – she reproduced.

The best part was that she didn’t understand why all these people were finally paying attention to her when she’d been making music for the last 20 years and no one bought her album!

If she really didn’t see this coming then I don’t know if there is a position this woman was less qualified to hold than social media manager of anything. It’s like putting Christopher Reeve in charger of cleaning the stairs. Your grandmother who comments on your Facebook page and thinks it’s a personal conversation has a better understanding of how social media works than Mary Lemanski.



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