Fall River DJ Teacher Fired After Getting Catfished Into Sending Dick Pics By Student


Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but a teacher was caught sexting with a student at Atlantis Charter School in Fall River this week.

A Fall River school employee has been terminated after disturbing text messages have surfaced during an investigation. Atlantis Charter School issued an email to parents from Executive Director Robert Beatty concerning the disturbing allegations.

“Earlier today, the school received sufficient information to determine that an Upper School staff member was inappropriately communicating online with someone the staff member believed was a high school student. The staff member has been immediately terminated, and the school has filed reports with both the Fall River Police Department and the Department of Children and Families.

“Our most important responsibility is the safety and wellbeing of the students we serve. We understand how upsetting these allegations are, and that is why we have taken swift action in response.

“Because this ongoing investigation is now a police matter, we are unable to release any additional information on this incident at this time. We will keep our community informed as circumstances allow.

“I want to reiterate that the safety of our students is our top priority. Students are always encouraged to report any incidents or allegations of wrongdoing to adults they trust. Families are always welcome to contact the school by email or at (508) 646-6410.”

Your most important responsibility is the safety and well being of students, which is why you’re choosing not to release the name of the child sex groomer so that he can move onto the next school now that he’s been terminated? That makes sense.

Since the Atlantis Charter won’t release his name, we will. Meet Danny Levin from Dartmouth.

He’s better known as “DJ Danny Levin,” and he seems to really like being around children.

Happy Pride month!

As usual, charter schools prove they are actually worse than public schools because they will pretty much take anyone with a pulse who is willing to work for less money. Are you a local DJ? Congrats, you’re our new AP Calculus teacher.

In the messages a student using an alias messaged DJ Danny Banany, told him that he was a student who was interested in him sexually, and asked him if he thought a student named Noah as cut. DJ Danny Banany said that Noah was in fact cute, pretended like he was going to end the conversation when it got sexual, but then went right back to trying to figure out who he was speaking to.

DJ Danny Banany was promised a child dick pic if he guessed who the student was, so naturally he continued to guess random students. When the student mentioned a kid named Jordan, and told the teacher that the three of them should have an orgy, DJ Danny Banany seemed interested.

The student then told him that he would call him once his parents were asleep, so naturally DJ Danny Banany asked him the most important question – is the mushroom tip stored in the wizard’s hat, or does it get fresh air?

He seemed to have no idea he was being played and was given a chance to walk away when he was told that the person he was speaking to was a sophomore. He chose not to.

He also reportedly sent dick pics shortly after this, but we’ll spare you those.

I really can’t believe a teacher would be this stupid and brazen to use his real name while he tried to pick up students to pork, but one thing is clear – this guy went into education specifically because it gave him access to children. He wasn’t just any teacher – he was the cool DJ teacher who had beanbag chairs in his room and didn’t tell Mom and Dad if you wanted to be called made up pronouns in his class (probably). He was the cool guy who did a podcast with the seniors!

He probably won’t even be charged with a crime unless they have evidence that someone got pegged by diddler on the roof here, so he’d be free to move onto the next school and his name wouldn’t even come up in a Google search unless we wrote about. Sorry Danny Banany!


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