Fall River Grocery Store Owner Calls Out City Officials, Refuses To Pay $500 COVID Fine, Says He Should Be Mayor


This is Mike St. Pierre, the owner of Family Food Grocery Outlets in Fall River, and he is as Fall River as you can possibly get.

A few days ago he posted on Facebook about a fine he received from the city for a mask violation and he responded to it in the most Fall River way possible.


And that right there is how you earn my business. Small businesses have been gutted by this overblown “pandemic.” They have to pay out of pocket for all the new regulations the government has imposed on them, and they’re barely surviving. But the people working for the City of Fall River haven’t missed a paycheck, and they get a pants tent at the idea of exerting what little imaginary authority they have handing out tickets like this. The correct response if you ever get a COVID fine is to do exactly this – refuse to pay it. It’s unenforceable and unconstitutional.

This of course has upset the Karens and Coronabros.

And because Mike is from Fall River, he responded in kind.

Boom. Roasted.

The beauty of capitalism is that if you feel unsafe at this grocery store you can just go to another one where the virus can’t spread because everyone has a diaper on their face. Sure, the number of cases exploded after the mask mandates were put in place, and tons of people who wear masks got the virus anyway, but that diaper over your mouth is definitely working so you should probably keep wearing it.

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The ticket says that the meter maid was “unable to obtain signature of the offender,” so good luck enforcing that one in court. As we’ve seen almost every time these mandates get challenged in court, the government always loses. According to the Fall River Reporter Mike’s threatening to sue the city because his employees were all wearing masks.

“Employees/ Cashiers wear masks all day long. They said they watched outside a few days ago and 3 employees weren’t wearing masks which was most likely me putting out frozen food. Even though I stay away from customers as I do so every Monday.”

St Pierre is confident in Family Foods Grocery Outlet’s safety protocols during the pandemic.

“We invite Mayor Paul Coogan and City Council President Cliff Ponte to visit our store to see our Covid Safety Protocol. Sending goons to fine struggling businesses is a disgrace to the city.”

Say what you want about Jasiel Correia, but there’s no way this happens under his watch. Not without getting his cut first. That guy’s probably killing himself for getting caught before this “pandemic” happened, because there are so many ways to profit that he’d be able to afford to blow coke out of every stripper’s glory hole in Providence for the rest of his life.

Mike also does hilarious live videos like this one walking around the store in full Fall River mode.

12:45: “Let me be Mayor of Fall Rivah. I’ll kick their asses right out, I’ll show them. Let me be Mayor. I don’t need the money, obviously. You could shut me down tomorrow, I don’t give a shit.”

We need more people and business owners like this who aren’t afraid to stand against tyranny. Support them whenever you can.


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