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Poor Behavior

Fall River Mother And Perc Poppin Friend Film Themselves Fish-Bowling Room With Baby 


This is Savannah Soares from Fall River.


As you can tell from the bathroom selfies, dog filters, rumpus shaking, claims about raising “3 kings” who all have a name that likely rhymes with Jayden, and family reunion pictures, she has three children with different men who aren’t around because they end up in jail.

Her recent baby shower looked like a ghetto game of musical chairs by eliminating one hoodbooger at a time, except the winner owed child support.



I for one am shocked that the the man with corn rows, skinny jeans that expose his underpants, and a belt that is just for show, doesn’t wear rubbers or stick around to raise his raw dog trophies.

Savannah is well versed in the art of being the side chick.

She ironically doesn’t approve of other women who spread their legs easily despite doing it herself quite often, so long as you buy her a 5 piece nugget and tell her that your life aspirations are to sell heroin and never leave Fall River.

Despite offering up unprotected access to her tampon tunnel to any man with a pulse, a GED, and an oversized gold chain, she claims that she “ain’t catching diseases” and urges the haters to “play with ya coochie not mines.”

So there’s that.

She’s also a big fan of the n word and cultural appropriation in general.

This is her friend Harmonie Gibeau, also from the Riv.

Butch Barbie is a great person to bring around her children, considering her proclivity for crashing into stone walls while under the influence of drugs and carrying unlicensed weapons.

Savannah also likes to drive around with her crotch fruits on board despite not having a valid driver’s license.

Last week they were hanging out together with the newest DCF ping-pong ball that will grow up not understanding the concept of what a father is, and they decided to film themselves fishbowling the room while smoking a blunt.

Welp, that kid’s life story is pre-written and the ending will be worse than Dexter and the Sopranos combined.

Nevertheless the Fall River Fetus Factory believes all is well as long as her kids tell her that she’s the best Mom.

Because when you have nothing to compare your mother to you kind of assume that you’re in good hands.

She insists that her children are well taken care of because she doesn’t post them on social media, unless she’s blowing blunt smoke in their face.

Of course the real reason she occasionally stops posting her kids on social media is because the DCF Fairy has a tendency to take them away for short periods of time after she nods off while driving and smashes into one of her baby daddy’s cars.

She also has no time for ho’s that be telling her to take care of her kids.

Because she’s too busy calling out rival ratchets on IG for a percocet deal gone wrong.

For the last year the government forced healthy people to cover their faces with masks to prevent the spread of commie cold, but yet our government can’t force people like this to cover their love canals with prophylactic wrappers so they’ll stop dragging innocent human beings into the the dumpster fire they call life.


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