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Fall River Mother Of 5 Abandons Children To Start New Life With Married Child Sex Offender In Lynn


This is Scott Ployer, originally from Ashland, but now living in Lynn.

As you probably guessed by the chin strap and flat brimmed hat, he is a registered sex offender on account of his 2016 arrest for aggravated rape of a child under the age of 16, after having a long term sexual relationship with a kid.

This is Ariel Rose from Fall River.

She’s a 25 year old mother of five who was living with her baby daddy when all of a sudden one day she decided that she was really attracted pedophiles, so she decided to abandon her family to be with Scott Ployer.

Now she has custody of none of them and doesn’t raise them at all. Although abandoning your kids for a child rapist may seem like an ill advised thing to do, it’s understandable because she’s in love.

It’s OK to have problems with your relationship and decide that it’s no longer a healthy environment for the children. Happens to lots of people. But if this happens to you then you should probably find someone else to be with who doesn’t rape little kids. Ya know, because you have kids too.

There’s another problem too – the diddler was also married to Ariel’s friend Alissa.

One day the Fall River Pedo Pinata uploaded a picture of herself on Facebook and the husband she was leaving for the diddler commented about how much he loved her, moments before the diddler’s wife expressed her disgust over the infidelity.

In fairness, when you find out your husband is cheating on you with a child and you continue to stay with him and let him be around your kid, you can’t really be surprised when he finds some slampig from Fall River to smash on the side.

Naturally they all decided to air this affair on Facebook.

The bottom line is you probably shouldn’t procreate or marry sex offenders, nor should you have 5 kids with a dog filtered trashbag from Fall River, because this is bound to happen if you do. That’s just science.




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