Fall River Single Mom Films Herself Threatening Rival Mom Walking Her Kid Home From School After Assaulting Her With Her Cast, Has Several Other Violent Charges

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show

This is Cassidy Levitre from Fall River.

She’s a 24 year old single Mom living the high life in the Riv, so her main priority is making sure her daughter is raised with good morals and is well taken care of.

LOL. Just kidding. Her only goal in life is to acquire and sell food stamps while establishing herself as the baddest bitch in Fall River. Last week she was charged A&B with a dangerous weapon and stalking a woman who she beat up while the woman was waiting for her daughter to get off the school bus.


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According to the police report a woman named Jasmine Ferreira knew of Cassidy because her baby daddy had dealt with Cassidy before. Naturally then the Fall River Phallus Farmer stalked Jasmine in her car before getting out and beating her while wearing a pink cast, which qualifies as a deadly weapon. After the victim’s daughter got off the bus the Phallus Farmer filmed herself stalking and harassing Jasmine, posted it so social media, and then harassed her online for a few days afterwards.

Here’s the video the Phallus Farmer posted on her Facebook story to clarify that she assaulted the woman BEFORE her kid got off the bus, and only stalked and harassed her AFTER the kid got off.

Pro tip – if you’re gonna commit a felony, don’t post videos bragging about it on social media after the fact. It may help you achieve your life long  dream of becoming Fall River’s Skank of the Year, but it will not help you in court. Hitting someone with your cast isn’t something you should brag about, especially when it can be considered a deadly weapon.

Also, bragging about how a mother waiting for her child at the bus stopped was assaulted “by a handicapped,” may get you additional street cred, but it will also get you additional charges.

I feel so bad for the little girl who is growing up having to witness stuff like this and think it’s normal. She looked more horrified than normal.

But it’s OK, because the Fall River Phallus Farmer “got respect for children.”

So she only harasses your mother in front of you, and waits until you’re on the school bus to beat her with a cast.

Believe it or not behavior like this is frowned upon, even in Fall River, and some rival single moms called her out for it on Facebook.

The Phallus Farmer defended her honor because she previously vowed to assault the woman “ON SITE,” and as an honorable woman of her word she was required to beat Jasmine the moment she saw her in public.

From there a lively debate broke out over who was in fact the “hoe,” and several rivals challenged her to a duel.

Brianna is also an unmarried woman in her early 20’s from Fall River, which meant she had to be pregnant and already have another semen demon at home. None of this stopped her from challenging the Phallus Farmer to a fight.


“I don’t fight pregnant woman.”

Thank God the Phallus Farmer has a code. For a minute there I thought she was uncivilized.

Cassidy’s cast is coming off in 3 weeks, so she had to postpone it until then.

Didn’t need to catch another deadly weapon charge.


To the surprise of absolutely no one this is not her first time in Fall River District Court. In May Cassidy was charged with the very rare crime of vandalizing jail property as a prisoner.


But this didn’t happen while she was incarcerated, it happened when she went to the police to report her car stolen and ended up getting arrested when they ran her name and found out she had outstanding warrants. According to the police report the car she reported stolen was admittedly unregistered, and she sleeps in it. She also admitted to stealing her friend Lavester’s cell phone, who she was accusing of stealing her unregistered car. While being questioned she told police that she wanted to “take care” of Lavester on her own and asked if she could take a hit of her vape pen. Lavester ended up calling his own phone and when a cop answered he said he would bail her out of jail, even though she was trying to get him arrested for stealing her car/home.

Then a woman named Alisha showed up to tell the cops that her, Lavester, and the Phallus Farmer went out the night before. The Phallus Farmer assaulted Lavester after going through his phone, then when she got out of Lavester’s car she left her keys in it accidentally, so her unregistered car was never stolen. Nevertheless the man who had his phone stolen and got assaulted by the Phallus Farmer wanted to bail her out, despite the fact that she was only at the police station to get him arrested.

Lavester ended up paying the bail, but upon being released the Phallus Farmer started making a scene and told the police that she had ripped apart the prisoner blanket and made a weapon she was going to use to kill herself, thus the charge.

The scary part is that a 4 year old girl calls this trashbag “Mom.”

But wait, there’s more. In 2018 Cassidy was charged with felony assault and battery on a disabled or elderly person. Of course all of her charges were continued without a finding, because beating up an elderly or disabled person isn’t enough to get prosecuted in this state.

She was placed on probation for a year, and all she had to do to make the charge go away was pay some fees and stay away from the victim. Of course she violated by never paying, which brought all the charges back. Luckily it’s still Massachusetts so the charges that were brought back ended up with ANOTHER continuance without a finding, because our courts are a joke.

Last year Cassidy was also arrested for driving her unregistered car/home, after she rear ended a woman and told police that a mysterious third car had rear ended her first, even though there was no damage to the back of her vehicle/dwelling.


Clearly this woman is a menace to society who can’t stop beating up women in front of their kids, threatening pregnant chicks, and assaulting the disabled and/or elderly. She’s mentally unstable and somehow has a child, who hopefully she doesn’t have custody of. Yet she’s free to roam the streets despite making it clear to the courts that she has no intention of reforming her behavior. This is what “criminal justice reform” looks like in action.

Anyway, if the Phallus Farmer wants to come on the Live Show this weekend to talk about this she’s free to message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected].


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