Fall River Transplant Single Mom Upset She Only Made $20 On Hurricane Ian GoFundMe Despite Inconsistent Story, Posting Spending Sprees On Tik Tok

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This is Jade Torres, formerly from Fall River and Providence.

She advertises herself as the mother of 4.

But she moved to Florida and left one of the semen demons behind because she burned so many bridges here, kept getting evicted, and wanted to start over in a state where she knew ratchets could easily blend into the scenery.

Jade Leno recently started a GoFundMe looking for $10K because she claims to have lost her home to Hurricane Ian, and was recently in a car accident which she claims left her disabled.

As you can see she has only raised $20 so far, which is weird because normally a homeless wheelchair bound single mother of 3 who lost everything in a hurricane would be a magnet for donations. This has made her quite upset and she’s threatened to start an Only Fans wheelchair genre.

She’s also sick of people who ask for her Cashapp but don’t end up donating.

If you’re a single mother of 3 who lost it all and can’t walk, and no one will donate to your GoFundMe, it’s a pretty big red flag that you’re a piece of shit. And a quick Google search shows that people probably don’t feel bad for her, or trust her at all, because she does things like getting arrested for drunk driving with her litter of unrestrained poon polyps in the car.

Then there’s the fact that she’s constantly posting pictures of new Gucci bags and cars she bought on Tik Tok.

She readily admits that she could afford “the finer things,” but still wants you to donate anyway.

Then there’s the fact that she didn’t lose her home to the hurricane, she just got evicted (again) a few months ago and is using the hurricane as a convenient excuse to enrich herself.



She somehow ended up getting featured on CNN during the hurricane aftermath, but accidentally admitted that she didn’t live in the area that was being flooded.

Then there’s this post she made, admitting that she didn’t live in a home that was destroyed by the hurricane.


But the GoFundMe says otherwise.

According to the police report from her accident, she was a passenger in a car driven by a man named Jason Edward Kay, who was cited for drug possession and drug consumption in a public area, and she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. The completely preventable accident occurred at 11 PM, and this devoted single Mom left her kids home alone.

Oh, and if you’re struggling and looking for people to donate to your GoFundMe scam, don’t post about how the Red Cross is paying for you and your “second Mom” to go out for Mimosas and manicures.

Just sayin.

The bottom line is that if you can’t make more than $20 on a GoFundMe after allegedly losing your home in a hurricane and becoming paralyzed, it’s because everyone knows what an asshole you are.


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