Fall River Woman Accuses Bar Of Racism After Wrongly Interpreting “No Colors” Sign Referring To Biker Gangs, Says It’s Like Slavery Days

Editor’s Note: We discussed this topic on the Live Show (37:35)

This is Suhail Sanchez from Fall River.

Yesterday she was moping around town looking for a hoagie to stuff down her moneymaker when she stumbled upon a bar called JC’s Cafe. The food smelt great, but unfortunately for her she thought she wasn’t allowed to eat there because of a sign on the door:

Obviously “no colors” is a reference to gang colors. There is a biker gang that likes to drink there and has been asked to stop wearing their identifying colors on their vest while inside the establishment. This mental midget was thinking of the “no coloreds” signs that southern states used to discriminate prior to passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Kind of like how Niger is a country, but if you add one more letter to it then its meaning completely changes.

She also filmed herself confronting a woman who works there and it was glorious:

That is what your brain looks like on a Fall River GED.

She’s “taking it very personal,” because hasn’t seen it in a long, long, long time. Or ever.


The grizzled woman at the door, who sounds like every person from Fall River ever, politely tried to explain to her what the sign meant, but it made no difference to the bodega beaver:

Waitress: “That’s for across the street, the bike gangs.”

Bodega Beaver: “That for across the street? You shouldn’t have it on your door.”

Waitress: “We had to put this because that’s what they call their vests.”

Bodega Beaver: “You had to put that? That’s very prejudice if you ax me. So I’m taking this very personal.”

In other words, she had no intention of finding out what the sign really meant and just wanted to get some Facebook looks by pulling a “dats racist.” It blew up in her face when she was given a simple explanation, but she decided to post the video anyway because she has no shame. It had the desired effect.


Her post has been shared close to 1,000 times now by some of Fall River’s finest brain surgeons, like Elaine here.


I expected nothing less from a welfare wombat who named her offspring Jaiden and Jayvion.

Someone also attempted to explain it to her on her page, but she had no idea what they were talking about.

How do you live in Fall River and not know what gang colors are? That’s like living in Nebraska and not knowing what a tractor looks like.

The post ended up catching the attention of WBSM who interviewed her for a story, and it was everything you imagined it would be.

My brain hurts now.¬†Frame that quote and put it in National Archives to mark the day when humanity become the dumbest. She doesn’t think it’s about white biker gangs because then she wouldn’t be allowed to play the race card. She reiterates that it says “no colors allowed,” rather than “no coloreds allowed,” and then assumes the reporter will agree that it means something racist to him too. It’s basically the same thing as going back to slavery days.

It just doesn’t get any stupider than this person:

So she posted it again because it made her “feel” like it was racist.

Sure, she was made aware that it’s not racist and she looks like a complete idiot now, but her initial feelings are what really matters here. And she’s certainly not going to apologize, despite knowing full well that she is 100% in the wrong.

The scariest part about this is that this human being is allowed to vote. They don’t have to do anything except have a pulse, and even that isn’s always required.


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