Poor Behavior

Fall River Woman Leaves Bad Review For Fairhaven Restaurant After Getting Kicked Out For Swearing In Front Of Kids, Trying To Fight Wait Staff, Making 2 Year Old Cry


This is Jennifer Silva from Fall River.

She works for Verizon and does whatever this is for a hobby.

But she also likes to let loose a little and enjoy some good times with friends.


Over the weekend she went out to BOCCA Restaurant in Fairhaven for a friend’s birthday. Although she liked the food she still left them a negative review because the family behind her asked her to stop “every time we said a swear” in front of their children.

Every time you swear? Newsflash – you’re not supposed to swear at all in front of children when you go out for dinner. That type of behavior might be standard in Fall River, but in Fairhaven and other civilized places it is frowned upon.

“We are all adults, professionals, business owners, accountants, and doctors. Absolutely and no behavior out of the ordinary.”


You just said in the sentence before that you were swearing in front of kids. Nothing about that is professional, adult-like, or behavior that could be categorized as ordinary. But please, tell me how “horrified” you are by the way people looked at you due to your self-admitted public behavior.

Something didn’t smell right about the post, but most people who commented decided that her unconfirmed anecdote was enough for them to cast judgment on the business.

However, one commenter mentioned a video that showed that she was not telling the truth, that she was escorted out, and that her friends were embarrassed by her behavior.

Meanwhile, the restaurant owner did not appreciate having their reputation smeared like this on social media, so they added some more clarity by posting surveillance video showing that everything was Botox Barbie’s fault.

There’s no audio, so you can’t hear what they’re saying, but the body language is enough. Botox Barbie is returning from somewhere to their booth when she passes by a booth with a family, including several children. She begins talking to her friends at the table.

They must have told her something that alarmed her because within seconds she was waving her hands around like a lunatic and yelling something at the family while her poor husband looked on in embarrassment.

Next thing you know she’s snapping her fingers and doing the “nuh uh” to the father, who was very reasonably asking her to stop swearing in front of his kids while they enjoyed a meal together.

But it’s OK – they’re professionals. Doctors, accountants, nurses, architects, and astronauts. They’re allowed to swear and act like uncivilized savages in front of children, and if you have a problem with that then you’re gonna get cussed out. Plus, they spent $500 on their meal because they’re kind of a big deal, and this gives them license to to ruin meals for other people.

Finally a waitress came over and attempted to shield the family from her, so naturally Botox Barbie started screaming at her too, before her partner finally started pulling on her leash.

An employee who witnessed it all said that her behavior was “horrific,” and that she swore at little girls in Easter outfits to “f***ing go to Chuck E Cheese,” and “I will swear all the f*** I want.” She made a 2 year old girl cry. On the way out her husband had to hold her back from trying to get at the horrified family and employee she was trying to attack.

But instead of sobering up and apologizing once she had time to calm down and compose herself, Botox Barbie elected to jump on Facebook and smear the local business instead. The best part is she admitted in her post that she was swearing in a restaurant in front of children and imagined that this would make her come across as the good guy. But social media is an echo chamber, and her “friends” told her exactly what they wanted to hear.

“I guess it’s a crime to have fun.”

Sorry Charlene, but making a 2 year old girl cry and getting kicked out of a restaurant in humiliating fashion isn’t my idea of fun.

Pro tip – if you have a friend who does something like this it’s better to tell them the truth so that they can refrain from embarrassing themselves in the future. I know it’s easier just to blindly agree with them, but doing so risks joining them on Turtleboy as well. Just let her sink on her own.


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