Fall River Woman Robs Distressed Elderly Woman Injured On Sidewalk, Pretends To Help When Paramedics Arrive, Uses Other Women’s Pictures To Attract Johns Online


Irene Pavao is a Fall River woman with no future, no morals, and a face that screams, “I smell like Newport Lights and failure.”

She may or may not sell herself online, although from the looks of her Facebook page she appears to use blatantly false advertising by posting pictures of other women with grade A posteriors who unlike her do not do not sprinkle crack cocaine in their Cheerio’s.

Women who look like that do not live in Fall River for long. This is what women look like in Fall River.

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Nevertheless she has her fair share of thirsty male suitors.

Pray for Peter.

Irene was in the news this weekend after she found an elderly woman in distress on the sidewalk, and instead of trying to help her she elected to rob the poor woman instead.

Fall River Police have arrested a woman in an alleged robbery of an elderly woman in Fall River. At approximately noon time on July 9th, a photographer, Trevor Santana, was taking photographs from his apartment on Canal Street when he noticed a woman in her 80s lying on the ground in distress after injuring herself after a fall. Trevor quickly grabbed his first aid kit and went down to assist the woman before help arrived. According to family, the woman was robbed by the suspect pictured as she laid injured on the ground. The victim was transported to the hospital. According to family, she sprained her wrist and her face is banged up pretty bad. Irene Pavao, 42, of Fall River, has been identified and taken into custody.

She tried hiding the woman’s wallet in the Fall River purse (AKA the grocery cart she stole from the Dollar Tree) that she brings with her everywhere.

Sadly when you live in the same city as Jasiel Corriea doing something like this doesn’t even make you the shadiest Portuguese person in town.

To make matters worse Irene Pavao pretended to be helping the lady when first responders arrived.

Reminds me of those Quincy junkies from a few years ago who assaulted and robbed an elderly woman, then came back to the scene of the crime and offered to help.

Must be that pesky disease again.

Thanks to Trevor Santana for documenting this woman’s crime spree so she could be held accountable. Looks like she’ll have to go back to pretending to be a non-disease riddled hoochy momma in order to find Johns to take care of her next fix instead of robbing elderly women in distress.


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