Falmouth High School Allows Star Hockey Players To Play After Being Charged With Assault That Nearly Killed Franklin Boy, Dad Charged With Orchestrating Coverup


Editor’s note: The print version of the newspaper states that the police chief charged the parent initially, and the later had charges refiled after a clerk magistrate dropped the charges. There was no mention of this initially.

Falmouth High School has been involved in a coverup to protect two hockey players who nearly killed a teenager from Franklin at a party last August:

Two Falmouth teenagers are facing assault and battery charges after they allegedly punched and kicked a Franklin teenager until—and after—he was unconscious. The incident occurred on August 15 during an underage drinking party at a home at 70 Blacksmith Shop Road, according to the police report. During the party, a fight occurred. One boy, a 17-year-old from Franklin, was beaten unconscious. As he lay on the ground unconscious, the suspects continued to kick and beat him, according to police. He suffered a concussion and two fractures in his jaw and was later brought to Massachusetts General Hospital for possible brain bleeding.

The suspects, ages 16 and 17, have been charged with assault and battery with serious bodily injury, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and simple assault and battery. The names of all the people involved, including the names of the juvenile suspects, witnesses, and the parents of the suspects, have been redacted from the police incident reports. Police Chief Edward A. Dunne said it was a lengthy investigation. It began the day after the incident and the police report was finalized on October 5 after interviewing the suspects, witnesses, parents and other participants in the fight, he said.

The father of one of the suspects, a 52-year-old Falmouth resident, was charged with witness interference and obstruction of justice. The incident reports say the father knowingly made false statements to police. He initially told officers his son was not at the party and was not involved in the fight. He told police his son was playing hockey in Salem, New Hampshire, that evening. After the initial investigation, police also believe he called the parents of witnesses and others involved and instructed them not to talk with investigating officers. If they did talk, he instructed them to give his version of events and tell officers that his son was not involved or at the party, according to the incident reports.

Police learned of the fight when the victim’s father came to the police station with witnesses who told police that everyone had been drinking. People began talking about wrestling, which led to a “friendly wrestling match,” according to the police report. Witnesses told police the two were on the ground wrestling, and the victim “lightly kicked the leg of the other boy in a way to tell them to stop wrestling.” Others saw what was happening and jumped the victim and starting punching him and knocked him to the ground. One of the boys kicked the victim in the head as hard as he could, knocking the victim unconscious, the report states.

When the victim fell unconscious, the boys continued to punch and kick him. Police spoke with several witnesses and other participants in the incident, most of whom are from Falmouth. Three were there from Franklin, Pembroke and Rhode Island.

“They were all punching him as he’s defenseless. He ends up on all fours, where [redacted] walks up and punts in the head with a full kick. This is where [redacted] gets knocked out. Although he is unconscious, [redacted] and his friends keep kicking,” one witness said.

Another witness wrote in a statement: “By the time I could actually get people off of them the damage was already done. One of my friends was knocked out cold by five kids in the most disgusting act of violence I have ever seen.”

The suspects allegedly videotaped the assault and were sending the video around on Snapchat. One of the suspects said during the investigation that the victim and his friends were trying to start trouble all night and were threatening him and his friends.

“These kids, a group of eight of them, were obviously drinking. They were being, I don’t wanna say like, they were being punks, I guess,” the suspect said.

Officers also spoke with the owner of the home where the incident occurred and learned she lives in Colorado and was not aware of any parties at the residence.

First of all, this is a 4,500 square foot, $1.4 million rental house. How do a bunch of teenagers end up in a house like this throwing a bender unsupervised? Who rented the house, and why aren’t they being charged for hosting this party?

A child was nearly killed, and a 52 year old man lied to police about it and then attempted to strong arm other parents into committing a crime to protect his thug son. So why is Chief Dunne redacting the name of a grown man being charged with a serious crime? He’s not a minor.

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Well, I’m not in the business of protecting anyone, so meet Daren McDonald, owner of Clover Paving & Sealcoat.

As you can see, he looks exactly how you imagined a man would look who attempted to enable his son’s propensity for psychopathic violence, rather than holding him accountable and teaching him to do the right thing. That’s because his son is the star of the Falmouth Hockey team.

But Dad isn’t the only one covering this up. Falmouth High School was well aware of what happened, as this story came out in the paper over a week ago, and the report was finalized in early October. Yet he was listed as the starting left wing on January 23 for a game against Dartmouth.

He scored two goals and an assist, and has been the star of the team since his sophomore year.

This reeks of corruption in order to protect one of the hometown kids against an out of towner who visited in the summer. It’s no secret that the Cape Cod townies aren’t big fans of summer visitors. But the school knew about this party, they knew it violated the ridiculous COVID rules that all other towns have to follow, they knew which students were involved, and they let it all go so the hockey team could win some games. Reminds me of this book I read in college called Our Guys, about these Glen Ridge, NJ jocks who raped a mentally retarded girl with a broom at a party. Obviously it’s not the same thing, but the coverup was similar, and it was done for the same reasons. The crimes were both heinous, and were both perpetrated by 16 and 17 year old jocks.

Sources who have seen the video say it’s awful, so if you have it please send it to [email protected] or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook. In the meantime it’s ridiculous that this story isn’t a bigger story.

A few years ago we published a blog about some white kids from Milton who were badly beaten by some children of color from Quincy and it was all on film. There was huge outrage and rightfully so. But from the sounds of it this was even worse, and those kids from Quincy were all prohibited by their schools from participating in sports. Falmouth High knew about this and did nothing, and that is outrageous.


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