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Falmouth High School Students Upset That Boy Defended Himself After Getting Assaulted In Cafeteria By 2 Girls, Demand Administrators Take Action 


A Facebook post from a Falmouth High School student alleging that administrators allowed a girl to be assaulted by a boy was sent to us earlier in the week.

Sounds like a serious situation if teachers allowed this to happen. Can’t be having girls getting Chris Browned in the cafeteria with no consequences.

The victim of this horrible crime showed up in the comment, and claims that she’s being threatened with suspension, as is her friend who jumped in when the teachers wouldn’t!

Others in the comments made reference to a video.

And indeed a video does exist, except it shows a very different story than the one being reported.

Turns out she hit him first, he hit her back, she punched him in the face, and he grabbed her by the hair before her friend jumped in and started walloping on him too.

“There is absolutely NOTHING this girl could have done to EVER get hit like that by anybody.”

Actually, there is. She could’ve just not hit him first. There is no bigger picture here, no hate crime, no administrators condoning violence against girls, and no victim. One female adult attempted to intervene but since she’s not a bouncer or a cop she has no training on how to do that. The whole thing lasted 20 seconds and eventually a male teacher separated the combatants. It’s really simple – all three kids should be suspended because they were involved in a fight. End of story.

Back in the day I MIGHT’VE said it was bad for the boy to hit the girl back because sometimes you just have to suck up your pride and accept that you got smacked in the face by a girl. But that was back when biological sex meant something. Sorry girls, but your generation has bought into the communist propaganda that gender isn’t real because you can just switch back and forth between male, female, or any of the other 98 genders, on a whim. If you were silent when boys started infiltrating the girls locker room and dominating girls sports, then I don’t really need to hear your opinion about boys hitting girls in the face.

Regardless, she hit him first in the face, then hit him multiple times. When he hit back her friend jumped him. She f***ed around with equity and found out real quick. Lesson learned.


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